Milan Kordestani is Making Big Changes in Farming

The Stanford, California native, Milan Kordestani attended the Phillips Brooks Elementary school until moving in 2009 to London, England. Just a year later, Milan Kordestani moved back to the United States to the Bay Area and graduated high school in 2017 from Sacred Heart Preparatory.

At 10 years old, he was in a horse riding accident but instead of giving up his love for the sport, he got back on the same horse. This was an important moment for the young equestrian as it taught him to persevere. He went on to become quite accomplished and won multiple blue ribbons, even winning the first leg of the triple crown in 2015. Later on, he became the fourth place winner of the Worlds’ Championship Horse Show.

During Milan Kordestani’s sophomore year of high school, he began his own business, Milan Farms. Milan Farms produces eggs and poultry along with saffron through a network of different farms across the United States. Milan Kordestani was the first farmer to ever hydroponically grow saffron through the use of hydroponic sponges. He believes in being completely transparent with his customers as to how his saffron is grown.

After being founded in 2016, Milan Kordestani’s business has grown to 3 different farms. He still holds the title of Chief Executive Officer of his company as well. When it comes to his eggs, saffron, and mint, Milan Kordestani wants his customers to always have an honest, pure option where they know exactly how and where their products are grown.

Milan Kordestani is a firm believer in the power of innovation and is constantly conducting research concerning the best ways that the plant can be grown hydroponically and aquaponically. While he has found that his current methods have been successful, he is performing tests concerning mineral and salinity levels of the water that is used in the organic growing process.

When it comes to the eggs that Milan Kordestani produces, everything in the process is organic. This includes the feed, the coop, and even the cartons the eggs are sold in. Taking care of the planet and their animals are important to Milan Farms.


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