How To Get Financially Secure With Infinity Group Australia

On January 31, 2018, Mortgage Professional Australia, also known as MPA, did an interview with Graeme Holm. Graeme is a broker, as well as director of Infinity Group Australia. Graeme has been in the finance business for over seventeen years and has went through courses in order to receive certifications in finance, real estate and financial planning.

After spending twelve years in the major four banking environment, Graeme felt aggravated that he was offering services for only one company. In result to this, he noticed that several families in Australia were struggling and getting bad deals from other financial companies. This led to Graeme becoming inspired to open up his own company and he named it Infinity Group Australia. The Infinity Group Australia’s goal is to help every single Australian reduce his or her debt and create wealth, as well as secure his or her future. Infinity Group Australia was created in the year of 2012. There are two directors of the company and they are Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker. The company can be located in Bella Vista Australia.

There are five interview questions that Mortgage Professional Australia asked Graeme. First, Mortgage Professional Australia asked Graeme how Infinity’s methods vary from other institutional brokers? Graeme answered by explaining that Infinity’s methods vary because they want to make sure that every client’s necessities are met, instead of their desires for things they do not necessarily need. Infinity also sits down with their clients and helps them work out a cash budget, so that they are able to spend their money on necessary items, such as food. After the clients sit down and make their budgets, Infinity helps assign a loan officer, who will help the clients with their loans and show them the process to take in order to get their loan paid off in a timely manner.

Second, Mortgage Professional Australia asked Graeme what kinds of clients does Infinity’s methods captivate? Graeme answered this by saying that all of the clients that come to get financial assistance from Infinity Group Australia, have not been disappointed and they have provided a lot of positive feedback on their experiences as well. Third, Mortgage Professional Australia asked Graeme how Infinity Group Australia’s debit card helped to restrict clients from using it as much? Graeme replied by explaining that the company focuses on educating their clients on seeing and understanding the distinction between an individuals desires and a necessity, which means that if you as a client do not have the money to spend on an item, then you shouldn’t buy it.

In closing the last two questions that Mortgage Professional Australia asked Graeme are the following. Mortgage Professional Australia asked Graeme how Infinity makes money, besides the commissions on mortgage products and how does clients rate Infinity as a company based on their peculiar methods? Graeme replied by first stating that Infinity makes their money by charges a fee to clients. This in result helps clients reduce their loan amount and helps get the loan paid off sooner. Infinity’s peculiar methods are rated by clients by clients giving a feedback on how well Infinity is doing as a whole. A lot of clients have felt that Infinity is a great company and after being helped they have felt less worried financially. Learn more:

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