Ryan Seacrest- A Man Working in Many Ways

At the young age of 43, Ryan Seacrest has become one of the most successful people in Hollywood. For years he has hosted one of the most iconic shows in tv history, American Idol. He is also one of the masterminds behind the popular Keeping up with the Kardashians. Furthermore he has become well known for his philanthropy across the globe. Ryan Seacrest has built quite an impressive resume. The secret behind his success has a lot to do with his incredible work ethic and ability to stick to his routine.

Ryan Seacrest recently made a huge move from Los Angeles to New York. Each day he is responsible for hosting a morning TV Show and a national radio show. All of this on top of his other weekly responsibilities. How does Seacrest do it? Part of his success is that he sticks to a strict routine. He awakes each morning around 6 am. He showers and then goes for morning coffee and tea. A morning workout follows each morning. Seacrest if not afraid of cutting into the typical work day with this routine. He values his workout as it sets the tone for the day. He typically has a trainer or coach to guide his workouts.

After training Seacrest prepares for the day. He uses this time to consume daily news either via TV or his phone. Ryan has made the decision to have certain periods of the day where his phone is totally off. He understands it can be a distraction and chooses to sometimes keep it totally shut down. Throughout his day you will not find Ryan eating a lot of bad snacks. He has adapted a mostly vegan lifestyle. This helps him remain energize and focused during the day.

Ryan Seacrest has become known across the world for his philanthropy. In 2010 he launched his own nonprofit called Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The foundation has nine different centers across the country including in Atlanta and Los Angeles. The foundation has even partnered with the Atlanta Braves to promote their new Sun-Trust Park. Seacrest is committed to sharing his wealth and giving back to the community in very big ways.

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How To Get Financially Secure With Infinity Group Australia

On January 31, 2018, Mortgage Professional Australia, also known as MPA, did an interview with Graeme Holm. Graeme is a broker, as well as director of Infinity Group Australia. Graeme has been in the finance business for over seventeen years and has went through courses in order to receive certifications in finance, real estate and financial planning.

After spending twelve years in the major four banking environment, Graeme felt aggravated that he was offering services for only one company. In result to this, he noticed that several families in Australia were struggling and getting bad deals from other financial companies. This led to Graeme becoming inspired to open up his own company and he named it Infinity Group Australia. The Infinity Group Australia’s goal is to help every single Australian reduce his or her debt and create wealth, as well as secure his or her future. Infinity Group Australia was created in the year of 2012. There are two directors of the company and they are Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker. The company can be located in Bella Vista Australia.

There are five interview questions that Mortgage Professional Australia asked Graeme. First, Mortgage Professional Australia asked Graeme how Infinity’s methods vary from other institutional brokers? Graeme answered by explaining that Infinity’s methods vary because they want to make sure that every client’s necessities are met, instead of their desires for things they do not necessarily need. Infinity also sits down with their clients and helps them work out a cash budget, so that they are able to spend their money on necessary items, such as food. After the clients sit down and make their budgets, Infinity helps assign a loan officer, who will help the clients with their loans and show them the process to take in order to get their loan paid off in a timely manner.

Second, Mortgage Professional Australia asked Graeme what kinds of clients does Infinity’s methods captivate? Graeme answered this by saying that all of the clients that come to get financial assistance from Infinity Group Australia, have not been disappointed and they have provided a lot of positive feedback on their experiences as well. Third, Mortgage Professional Australia asked Graeme how Infinity Group Australia’s debit card helped to restrict clients from using it as much? Graeme replied by explaining that the company focuses on educating their clients on seeing and understanding the distinction between an individuals desires and a necessity, which means that if you as a client do not have the money to spend on an item, then you shouldn’t buy it.

In closing the last two questions that Mortgage Professional Australia asked Graeme are the following. Mortgage Professional Australia asked Graeme how Infinity makes money, besides the commissions on mortgage products and how does clients rate Infinity as a company based on their peculiar methods? Graeme replied by first stating that Infinity makes their money by charges a fee to clients. This in result helps clients reduce their loan amount and helps get the loan paid off sooner. Infinity’s peculiar methods are rated by clients by clients giving a feedback on how well Infinity is doing as a whole. A lot of clients have felt that Infinity is a great company and after being helped they have felt less worried financially. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/graeme-holm/

Southridge Capital: Covering The Bases.

Southridge Capital is a firm that was founded in 1996. The main headquarters of the company is located in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Over the past thirty years, Southridge Capital offers clients many different options when it comes to their services. One of the founders is named Stephen Hicks. He talks about what his typical day is like with Ideamensch.


His typical day is pretty simple. He focuses his attention on the company portfolio, then makes a list for himself and his staff. The things on the list are to be completed by the end of the day. He and his staff also want to make sure that the client’s investments are on track as well.

When it comes to bringing new ideas to the table Hicks says that experience is the key. When he spots a new company that needs financing to get off of the ground he can provide it for them. Sometimes, Southridge Capital will search for a new company that may need their help. Offering their service to the company can make all of the difference. Check out bizjournals.com for more.



Southridge Capital has now become of the major players in the company investment market, particularly over the last few years. The team at Southridge can help new companies with financial advice to succeed in the business. Southridge can also help seasoned businesses with financial advice when it comes to financial analysis coming out of bankruptcy.

One unique thing that makes Southridge Capital unique is what is known as an Equity Purchase Agreement. This works by allowing the company to buy enough equity to continue to be solvent no matter what the market is doing. Southridge also offers loans against common stock and convertible preferred stock too.


Southridge Capital also makes sure to give back as well. The company promotes volunteering and community outreach programs. Southridge Capital wants to make sure that it is leaving a positive impact on the small communities that surround the company. The company wants to make sure to support ventures that are near and dear to those who live there. That is what giving back is all about. You can follow their Twitter page.


Read more: https://www.linkedin.com/company/southridge-capital-mgt-llc/


Alex Pall and the Rise of Chainsmokers

Singer, Alex Pall, comprises one half of the group The Chainsmokers. In the 2016 interview with the group Chainsmokers, in Interview Magazine, fans get a greater sense of who the group is musically. Alex Pall got into music by being a DJ, and this would be the way he would meet his bandmate, Andrew Taggart. The two met through their current manager and started working on music together right away. Pall quit his job, and Taggart moved from Maine and this would begin

Andrew Taggart says that he first fell in love with electronic/dance music as he was entering college. This made him stand out and be teased by his college peers. This would soon change by the time he left college. Many of his peers had embraced dance music and listened to groups such as Avicii.

When Pall and Taggart decided to work on music, Pall says they both shared a commonality in that they a strong ambition and passion for music. It would be this drive that would drive the pair to mainstream success. The two spent countless hours together perfecting their sound. Their album is more than just a “DJ” album. Chainsmokers sing, produce and are very active in the creative process of their music. Pall says their focus is on putting together albums that are cohesive with one another. Pall states that Chainsmokers didn’t just want to use the typical format of DJ albums. They were really focused on putting together a cohesive body of work.

One highlight that Alex Pall talks about is working on their hit single “Closer” with acclaimed artist Halsey as a feature. Pall knew this was a giant leap in the right direction for the group. Andrew Taggart also sings on the track, which is produced by the group as well.

One last contributing factor to the rise the group is the use of social media, primarily the social media app, Instagram. The app has helped the group to track their success and see that they are becoming bigger internationally.


Market America’s mouth-watering compensation plan

Market America is an internet marketing company that was established in 1992 by the power couple JR and Loren Ridinger. Initially, the couple operated from the garage in their home but they have now expanded to sell their products, not in America, but also several other countries across the globe. John Ridinger was a senior distributor at Amway before quitting and establishing his company.


Just like many other startups, Market America experienced several challenges in its early years of existence. After being in the market for seven years, Market America ran into trouble with the SEC concerning the violation of federal security laws.

With the charges being pressed against them, Ridinger decided to go private in 2001. This strategy gave them an opportunity to open up to new markets in Austria, Hong Kong, the UK, Mexico and the Philippines. A decade later, Market America received some buzz as they stepped into the international arena.


The company acquired Shop.com, an online platform where customers can purchase more than 35 million products. The Shop.com platform has been endorsed by some of the world-renowned entrepreneurs such as the Bill Gates, Yahoo, and Amazon. In 2011, the company announced that they close the year with $393 million in revenues. In the same year, they unveiled Kim Kardashian and Scottie Pippen as their celebrity spokespeople. These celebrities would also make appearances in the company’s annual conferences


What do you need to become a member?

Any new member joining Market America is required to purchase a startup kit that goes for $399. Members are also subject to paying a monthly fee. These monies are used to cater for the member’s access to the web portal for the company’s products. To earn a commission, members are required to make minimum monthly sales of up to $200.


Market America’s products

When compared to popular retailers, Shop.com is still bigger than Wal-Mart. The company sells over 35 million products and there are an additional 2500 proprietary products. The products in Shop.com include weight loss and nutritional supplements, household products, gardening products, fitness programs and many more. The company’s compensation plan is built upon a binary system.



With GreenSky Credit, David Zalik is taking fintech in new directions

The fintech sector has had a rocky ride over the last decade. Companies like Lending Club and OnDeck have become famous for a litany of scandals, with both companies losing around 85 percent of their market cap over the last few years. These companies had largely bet against the system, trying to tear down the old lending models and naively assuming that new customers could be brought into the fold by simply ignoring the risks associated with lending to them.

But GreenSky Credit CEO David Zalik saw the error in trying to burn the old system to the ground when nothing was really wrong with it in the first place. GreenSky Credit, unlike other fintech companies, seeks to work within the system, creating value where the big banks haven’t been able to by spotting opportunities for prime lending that the big players simply weren’t able to see or to capitalize on.

Zalik first got the idea for GreenSky Credit while working on another one of his companies, an online consultancy firm that did a great deal of business with home improvement companies like Home Depot and Benjamin Moore. Zalik learned that huge numbers of sales were simply being lost due to the fact that few homeowners had any real expertise at appraising project costs. This sometimes led to homeowners overestimating how much a project would cost. But far more often, it led to severe underestimations on the costs of renovations, additions and new construction. When homeowners came to the realization that the project would cost them $10,000 to $50,000 more than they had anticipated, many simply backed out of the deal.

GreenSky Credit is able to step in with promotional financing. Because almost all of the customers doing high-end renovations have high FICO scores, the loan terms are often extremely favorable to the customers, often including no interest or payments for the first year and no prepayment penalties. At the same time, the banks love the customers because the default rates for this group approach zero. GreenSky Credit can, in turn, instantly approve on-the-spot loans of up to seven figures, helping push deals through that otherwise wouldn’t happen.



Upwork Makes Work Easier

Making out to do list can be rather simple, but getting the things on the to-do list completed may be a tremendous task. It is going to work to your advantage to have those freelancers in place that can step up and get the job done immediately. If you have deadlines there is no time to waste. It is to your advantage to hire those people that are proficient in doing those things that you do not have time to do.

The big thing about a to-do list is priority. You have to establish what is actually a priority. There are some things that you would like to do on your to-do list that may not necessarily need to be done. If you have ever struggled with trying to complete a list that you composed it maybe to your advantage to see if you will fare better with others coming to your aid.

Sometimes it is going to be to your advantage to look at just how many tasks can be completed by other workers that are getting things done for you. If you are able to sort out the things that you cannot do and delegate these jobs you will have more time to concentrate on making the best of your opportunities with your tasks that you are completing. You may even find that it is to your advantage to break the big tasks down into smaller tasks. It may not always be in your best interest to try to complete one big task in a day. You may have to complete small things and recognize the accomplishments that you made as you work on something throughout the course of the week.

The best thing you can do when you are trying to complete different tasks is reevaluate where you are. You have to consistently look at your list and ask yourself if you are making progress. If you are not making progress on something you may need to look at something that is more efficient for completing the task. This may involve improving your time management or outsourcing work.

Heal And Soothe Heal At The Source

Heal And Soothe is a long-term solution rather than just a temporary fix. It is meant to heal your entire body so that it gets better rather than simply masking the pain like so many painkillers tend to do. It also does not have the nasty and unwanted side effects that tend to come with most painkillers that are full of fillers and artificial ingredients.


Heal And Soothe will work with your body to take care of the pain at the source and will help to get rid of it for good. When you injure yourself, your body sends white blood cells to the point of injury to help repair your body. They produce what is known as fibrin, and this causes inflammation and swelling. This helps to protect your body as it heals but can reduce our range of mobility and can cause discomfort in the meantime.


When we get older, it is much harder to recover from injuries, sprains, bruises, and any other symptoms caused by daily life and wear and tear. Our bodies simply do not have as much of the good stuff we need to make itself better, and it typically takes a lot longer. Click Here to learn more.


Heal And Soothe contains Bromelain, turmeric extract, papain, Boswellia extract, rutin, Mojave yucca root, ginger extract, devil’s claw, and citrus bioflavonoids. Bromelain helps to remove dangerous toxins from the body and turmeric extract is a very powerful antioxidant. PAPAIN helps to destroy free radicals, and Boswellia extract supports healthy blood flow. Rutin is an effective anti-inflammatory, and Mojave yucca root is a digestive aid. Ginger extract decreases pain-causing prostaglandins, and devil’s claw is effective in treating arthritis.


Makers of Heal And Soothe; LivingWell Nutraceuticals, are firm believers that Mother Nature provides the best ingredients, and fortunately, more vitamin and nutraceutical companies are coming around to this way of thinking.


Heal And Soothe contains all those things that we need to get better faster and to feel less pain. It has proteolytic enzymes which help the body to regenerate and to get better much more quickly. Heal And Soothe is an all-natural product that contains 12 powerful ingredients that combat pain and selling the natural way. These ingredients and more importantly, the combination of these ingredients is a powerful force against pain and swelling.


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William Saito Emerges as a Renowned Entrepreneur by Embracing Technology

Passion has been a great contributor to the success of many individuals. As for William Saito, he has been able to emerge as a successful entrepreneur thanks to expounding on his passion from a tender age. As a cybersecurity expert, William Saito started out as a young fellow who showcased an interest in math and science. As a result, his teacher recommended that young Saito should get a personal computer so as to expound on his passion. Since William Saito had a passion for software, he also enrolled at a particular company for an internship while he was ten years old. Further, into his life, he also founded a software firm while still in college. The software firm was eventually known as I/O Software. Since the company was software oriented, they mainly came up with authentication tools such as fingerprint sensors. However, William Saito later sold I/O Software to Microsoft in 2002. Nevertheless, William Saito has various achievements to boast of such as being accorded the Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in the year 1998.


Background Data

William Saito was born and raised in Walnut, CA. Walnut, CA is just a drive away from Silicon Valley which is a technology hub of some sort. Silicon Valley was gaining recognition in the 1970s and 1980s due to the various technological advancements. As for William Saito, he followed suit, and he developed a passion for technology. Since personal computing was becoming the next big thing, William Saito’s passion towards software and programming would see him through his journey to success. Nevertheless, although William Saito is a Japanese-American entrepreneur born to Japanese parents in the United States, he had a difficult time mastering English. However, this did not hinder him from pursuing his dreams.


More about William Saito

Far from being a technology enthusiast, William Saito is also an author. William Saito is the author of the book known as An Unprogrammed Life. In his book, he narrates his escapades as a child. He narrates that he even tried to crack copy-protection software just for amusement purposes while in his fifth grade. Also, as a technology enthusiast, William Saito also had a considerable interest in comprehending how various technological gadgets operated. All in all, William Saito, in turn, settled for software and programming as his primary areas of focus. Currently, William Saito has emerged as a revered entrepreneur whose success came from embracing technology.


The Chainsmokers dedicates an award to the late Avicii

The Chainsmokers and Halsey paid attribute to the late Avicii who was a famous Swedish DJ and producer during the Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs).

The Chainsmokers told the multitude of people who gathered to celebrate the event that Avicii was an inspiring artist and that he inspired various musicians and he meant a lot to the EDM community. The duo (Chainsmokers) said this before awarding Luis Fonsi with the award for the Top Hot 100 Song of 2018 Despacito.

Halsey also added that everyone who ever worked with Avicii knows that he brought so much joy to the industry and that it is a painful tragedy losing him. She said that it is crucial to support and show love to individuals who have mental illness and be there for them and the family at large.

As the event went on, the Chainsmokers remembered Avicii again while receiving the award for Top Dance/Electronic act. Taggart, one of the Chainsmokers said that they would like to dedicate the award to Avicii as he is the person who inspired them to become whom they are today. He further explains that he encouraged and influenced their music and pop music in general. Taggart said that many people will miss Avicii and that he hopes he already found peace.

Avicii died at the age of 28, April this year. The family would later reveal that Avicii took his life. Avicii real name is Tim Bergling. His unreleased music is expected to be released according to the president of the Geffen Records.

The event that was hosted by Kelly Clarkson who took the opportunity to condemn the school shooting happened at Grand Arena and thousands of people attended.

The Chainsmokers consist of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. They are famous American DJ producers. The two got a breakthrough when one of their songs title Selfie played at top 20 single in 2014 in different countries. The duo has also received a number of awards including; Grammy Awards for Best Dance Recording for their song Don’t Let Me Down. In 2015, their song Roses was among the top 10 on the United States Billboard Hot. 100