Did You Know That OSI Group Offers Food Solutions Globally?

For more than 100 years, OSI Group has been on the forefront of providing a world of food solutions to its customers. Truly the company is a world of food innovation and solutions. It is an incredible achievement of this group to have more than 20,000 employees and over 65 processing facilities in over 17 countries in its first century. It has turned out to be an example of how and what a modern and globalized company ought to be in the 21st century.

OSI Group dates back to 1909 when a German immigrant started to a butcher shop in Oak Park in Chicago. Otto Kolschowsky opened the small retail butchery to serve his community; this was after only two years of arriving in Chicago. By the end of the First World War, that’s was after a decade in operation, the retail shop became a wholesale and expanded a branch to Maywood. After another decade, the expansion of the business was enormous and was branded Otto & Sons by 1928. By the end of 2nd World War, the business had penetrated into the American community and it had become a well-established business.

By this time the market was growing rapidly and Arthur and Harry, sons of Otto entered into an agreement with Ray Kroc who was an agent of a couple that had opened a restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. The sons were to supply fresh meat to Ray Kroc who was running the restaurant. Later Kroc bought the McDonald restaurant and became the CEO. The more the McDonald grew, the more the OSI Group developed. McDonald was mainly dealing with hamburgers.

In 1973, there was an establishment of a facility in West Chicago by Otto & Sons that catered only for the McDonald which had now grown to be a global supplier. In 1975, the company was rebranded OSI Industries and due to the growth, the leadership changed from the family and was laid upon Sheldon Lavin who became a partner and an investment custodian in the company. As McDonald went international, OSI followed them closely by establishing joint businesses in Germany and Spain. This made Lavin become the Chairman and CEO of OSI industries.

OSI Group has become one of the leading and largest private food companies in the US. It has acquired various companies like Flagship Europe which is known as Creative Foods Europe, Baho Food, and Tyson Foods. It has entered into joint ventures with Select Ready Foods, JC Comsa in China, K&K Foods and GenOSI among others.


Jason Hope funds anti-aging research foundation

SENS Foundation is an organization that is carrying out very important research work. It is an organization that is looking for ways of solving human problems by applying biotechnology solutions. SENS Foundation has one primary goal of finding means of treati8ng and preventing diseases which affect human beings. Most of the medical solutions that are available today mainly deal with treatment rather than preventing. By finding a solution to the cause of human diseases, the organization will have come up with a solution that will alleviate human suffering.

SENS Research Foundation was started in 2009 and is concerned with the development of an anti-aging drug. The organization is ready to change the whole meaning of aging. Currently, aging is associated with bad life, where the body becomes weak, and the health of the person deteriorates. By creating a drug that will eliminate the age causing substance in the body, human beings will enjoy long healthy life.

The approach which SENS is applying is one which will change the whole idea about the treatment of old age diseases. By preventing aging in the first place, they will have suppressed chances of the old age diseases from affecting human life. An anti-aging drug that will repair body cells is what the organization is working on.

SENS Foundation works closely with other organizations which support in research. There are also institutions such as Yale, Harvard, the University of Arizona and Cambridge which work closely with this foundation in what would become the greatest invention of man. The foundation has been promoting its work through events, conferences, and other forums that help them raise awareness about ongoing research work.

Jason Hope is a philanthropist and a technology lover. He is from Scottsdale, Arizona. He has been one of the people who believe in the cause that SENS Foundation is pushing for. In 2010, he contributed half a million dollars to this foundation with the aim of supporting the organization set up a laboratory for their research work in Cambridge. The foundation is led by De Grey, a trained expert in artificial intelligence.

Jason Hope believes that the success of this research would be a reprieve to humanity as they would no longer have to worry about awful old age life. Jason Hope is an advocate of technological advancements not only in the area of biotechnology but also in other sectors. Jason Hope is known for his solid stand in support of the Internet of Things. He believes this is the biggest technology the world has ever seen.

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Financial Planning with Richard Dwayne Blair

Richard Dwayne Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions with the aim of giving financial planning and solutions to clients. From the University of Houston, he achieved his Bachelors in Finance and financial management. He has an excellent range of skills in financial planning, Portfolio management, retirement, risk management, financial advisory, and wealth management among others.

He is famous for offering unique professional services in investment strategies to clients in all market conditions. For Richard to achieve success to solve financial problems to clients, he formed a plan which he referred as “Three Pillars Approach to Financial Planning.” He specializes in planning requirements for retirement and formulates strategies to meet the clients’ needs of the retirement. He takes time to attend a client to understand their desires for a strategic financial approach.

In the first pillar, it outlines the development layout of the financial roadmap of the client. Each client is unique regarding desires, risks tolerance, strengths and weaknesses and so are the maps. It is the backbone of the company, and many factors are put into consideration to assure clients all assets are in order and to have a firm and long-lasting relationship with each customer. This enables him to understand their motives as well as to establish clear goals, concerns to the clients.

Richard Dwayne Blair’s second pillar approach to financial planning designs a strategic business plan that develops a long-term investment approach which enables customers to achieve goals and satisfy their needs for liquidity. At this stage, Richard takes time to invest client’s assets into a variety of markets to compare the performance of investments to provide maximum returns when the market conditions are conducive. He is good at active management and having defensive mechanisms when the markets trends down.

In the third pillar, all financial plans developed are implemented. Richard put all strategies in place for the adequate growth of the investments. Then he monitors the economic growth of the clients comparing to a variety of standards such as historical market data, model portfolios, and clients expectations. Monitoring ensures proper coverage of clients’ needs since market fluctuations cannot be entirely predicted.

The Journey And Growth Of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is a busy man who has ventured into the media industry and specialized in many sectors. He is a know radio host and producer as well among other things. The achievements he has been attributed to his education as he specialized in journalism. Having a great experience in the media industry has also equipped him with skills that have enabled him to thrive.

He has worked with many organizations and companies that have paved the way for him to express his skills and knowledge. He has hosted many television shows American Idol included. American Idol is a growing show which takes place regularly with the purpose of realizing new music stars. Working as host in the show has created a channel for more people to see his skills especially because of the fact that the show is continuous.

In addition to being a television host, he is also a radio show host. He had many years experience in the industry indicating his busy schedule. He has worked with many companies including the Live with Kelly and Ryan. In this show, he is a permanent co-host alongside Kelly Ripa. Therefore, he is great media personnel to get the opportunity to work with many companies. He also works as host On Air with Ryan Seacrest which takes place in the morning hours.

Other than being a radio and television host, he is a producer as well. Ryan Seacrest has produced several shows that are well established in the entertainment segment. Some of the shows include “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and “E! News”. Therefore, he is an all-around person whose achievements are remarkable especially in media.

Furthermore, he is a person with the heart of the people which has motivated him to venture into several philanthropic activities. For instance, he is the founder of Ryan Seacrest Foundation which has grown to be recognized even by the country. The foundation works to promote healing of the young children and assist to express their skills in the media industry. It has several stations located in different pediatric hospitals to create a conducive environment for the treatment of the children as well as give good atmosphere for their parents. Want more updates about Ryan? Follow him on facebook.com/ryanseacrest/,instagram.com/ryanseacrest/?hl=en and twitter.com/RyanSeacrest.

Glen Wakeman Helps Others To Prepare For Success

Success is defined by many people according to many varied kinds of measures. Many people define success in monetary terms. This is understandable as money can buy lots of things. Many people also define success by their ability to engage in activities they enjoy such as creating entrepreneurial ventures that help make the world a different place. Someone who understands this role very well is Glen Wakeman. Wakeman understands that many factors go into the creation of business venture that truly enjoys success from the very day it starts. Wakeman also knows that it imperative that any kind of venture is well funded from the very first. A well funded venture is one that enables the company owner to immediately meet the needs of all of their clients right at the beginning of the venture. Part of being able to get access to the necessary funds comes from having connections to others. Business people who have such connections can often tap into an impressive array of funding options that put the business on the right footing from the very first.


Seeking Out Mentors

One way that many modern day entrepreneurs find the help they need is by working with mentors. Mentors are those who can help any person think about how to craft an idea. Then they can think about how they can take this idea and bring it to life. When they do so, they are able to work with someone who has already undergone this process and knows how to make it work. A mentor can also add crucial input that may help steer the venture in the right direction from the very first. Glen Wakeman knows well the value of mentoring and how it can provide the help any business person needs in order to create a lasting business venture. As a mentor himself and someone who has benefited from mentoring, he’s seen the process up front in his own changing and expanding personal career in business. It is for these reasons and many more that he wants to share what he’s learned with others as well.


Nick Vertucci, the Man Who Became a Millionaire Twice

Nick Vertucci is the CEO of his own company, Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA). The real estate academy is located in several states in the United States, like California and Nevada. The academies at these states have grown rapidly when it comes to real estate education. Because he is passionate about real estate, he was able to create his real estate academy to teach those who are also passionate, more about their chosen careers and financial freedoms.

Nick Vertucci announced his first new book, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed”, which is a memoir about where he lost everything and was at an all time low, but was able to push himself to succeed and gain fortune. He states that when he had his computer technology business he lost everything, and he continued to make many mistakes even when entering the real estate industry and became depressed. But he entered a training circuit where his mentor helped him regain his confidence and strength, and soon he was able to built his business and turn his life around. Nick Vertucci hopes that his new book will guide entrepreneurs who are struggling with their business so that they can succeed as well.

What is different and incredibly interesting about Nick Vertucci’s memoir is that it is not a typical rags-to-riches type of story. He started out with nothing at first, but he was able to build a fortune with his computer technology business. But unfortunately, he lost his fortune in the tech industry. Normally when we hear stories like that, the person who lost all their wealth either stays at the bottom or does fairly well and lives a normal life. But instead, the CEO got back up again, created his real estate academy, and made a fortune again. He has become a millionaire twice, with his new book “Seven Figure Decisions”, businesses and entrepreneurs can be guided to learn how to succeed like him.

When training for real estate, the CEO spent about 10 ten years learning everything he could about the real estate industry and soon became a real estate expert. And even though it took him a decade, it completely paid off because he founded and is the CEO of his own company that is named after him, Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. His academy is also constantly being sought-out for its educational programs about learning all the ropes in the real estate industry.

Stansberry Research: Investment Through Research

With Walmart under the scrutiny that it has been under since online retail has become a dominant industry, we are now facing specific bearish ideas within Walmart investors because of marketplaces such as Amazon. Stansberry Research has provided an article that gives information on this topic of Walmart and how its struggle with competitors has been an underlying cause of bad press in the media. Stansberry Research further goes along to provide information that Walmart will not Suffer as a company because of the foundation that it has built upon and all how many years the company has invested.

With Stansberry Research being one of America’s top publishing companies for business articles and related matters within investment ideas provides valuable information to people within an economic market so that they can make the proper moves as individuals and as companies when articles like this are released. Stansberry also provides newsletters to subscribers all around the world so that they can stay up-to-date on any financial or economic occurrences that take place in today’s world (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stansberry_Research).

In the article that Stansberry Research has provided about the Walmart’s fall in the past few years includes information why shareholders should not be concerned about this. Walmart has taken the new positions to allow their company to proceed and grow through the use of e-commerce. With Amazon providing new and improved ways of delivering items to a customer’s front doorstep Walmart has also been working to improve and better their company so that they can offer store products to customers as they proceeded to buy them in-store or online.

Stansberry Research will provide articles like this which offers everyday materials through a newsletter. Stansbury stays on top of the trends happening every single day. They are happy to find the detailed information that you will not receive from any other website so that you can make the right investment choices in the future.


Ara Chackerian is Making Sure That We Approach Forestry With an Open Mind and Open Heart

Forests are important. Not only do they supply wood, they are also a major source of oxygen, reduce carbon output, and provide fresh water. Modernization of industry has created a new form of deforestation that threatens the natural forces. Forests are being laid to waste, not due to overuse, but under-education about proper usage of the forest’s resources. One healthcare entrepreneur has set out to change this.


Enter Ara Chackerian, an angel investor in the health industry. Ara has been responsible for many healthcare startups but his passion lies in forestry. In specific, forest education and management. Ara works diligently with logging companies and other companies that work directly or indirectly with forests. Instead of simply scolding companies or trying to shame them in a public light, Ara has another way of handling the deforestation issue. Ara Chackerian works directly with logging companies and other companies to provide education and methodologies to help preserve forests across the world.


Forestry is important to Ara. He is aware of the complexities in forestry. For example, every forest has a unique and diverse ecology. These are important things to take into account when you are working in the foresting industry. Ara has set out to make sure that we are still able to reap the resources that forests provide us while also managing the forests population and natural resources.



Ara Chackerian is perhaps most well known as a healthcare angel investor. He is personally responsible for managing and boosting many startup healthcare companies. Companies that provide unique solutions in the healthcare industry are of particular interest to Ara, especially of health-tech is incorporated into that solution. Beyond simply investing and acting as a board member, Ara personally runs a company of his own. Visit angel.co for more info.



He is co-founder and general partner of TMS health solutions. TMS offers a unique treatment combination for those that have depression, but regular treatment efforts are not working. TMS uses transcranial magnetic technology to assist these treatment-resistant patients. This work along with his work with forests makes Ara Chackerian a very potent individual. Being responsible for human lives as well as animal lives is a difficult job.Ara Chackerian seems completely fine with that, in fact, he seems eager to do more. You can checkout about.me for more details.



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OSI Group Owns a New Food Processing Facility

OSI Group now has a new food processing facility in Chicago, Illinois. They purchased a former Tyson Foods processing facility and storage warehouse that they intend to help the company continue to grow. The company is one of the biggest food processing companies in the food industry. They have food processing plants in Illinois, Wisconsin, California, Utah, and Iowa. The company is also a well-respected food processing company within the food industry. They have a lot of experience delivering high-quality food processing services to their customers.

The company strives to make a working environment for their employees that is challenging and that is rewarding. They want their employees to be workers who are interested in the food industry and they want their employees to be workers who want to help OSI Group continue to be a company that delivers high-quality food processing services to their customers. When the Tyson Foods plant that OSI Group purchased closed, many workers lost their jobs. OSI Group has hired many of the workers who lost their jobs to work with their company.

Many different kinds of food products are processed at OSI Group food processing facilities. The company processes pork products, beef products, poultry products, fruit products, and vegetable products. They also process pizza products and snack products. Some of the food products that the company processes and delivers to their customers include burgers, beefsteak, meatballs, meatloaf, cooked sausage links and cooked sausage patties, roasted pork, bacon bits, and bacon strips. The company also has experience processing turkey products, poultry strips and nuggets, poultry patties, breaded poultry, hot dogs, pepperoni, and flavored sausages. Some of the pizza products that the company processes include pizza, crusts, breads, fresh dough, and cookies. The company also processes vegetables such as lettuce, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and corn.

The new food processing facility in Chicago that OSI Group has recently purchased has helped increase the size of their company. The company intends the new facility to help the company continue to provide high-quality food processing services to the food companies that they work with.

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The ‘Good’ Analysis with Jorge Moll

The president of D’Or Institute of Research and Education in Rio de Janeiro, Jorge Moll, came across a theory that was discovered while examining the brain of some volunteers. Moll graduated medical school at Federal University of Rio De Janeiro as well as completing his neurology residency. While studying the brain was definitely Moll’s forte, his recent analysis contained something for the greater good. According to the Washington Post Jorge Moll and his fellow colleague Jordan Grafman stumbled upon the relationship between morality and biology, suggesting that the two actually had more connection than one can assume. The scenario for the volunteers was to think about whether to donate money to charity or to keep it to themselves.

While making the decision, Moll noticed the primitive part of the brain that lights up for food and sex was the same for the volunteers that responded to donating to charity. This observation implied that it actually gave humans some tangible form of sensation by giving versus receiving.

Did this tie into how morally doing something can also biologically make us feel good as well? Science backed up their conclusion of how being unselfish felt good. Moll shared all of the previous information with his colleague through email and Grafman started to further his research on the fact that since morality backed up science it explained why psychopaths made some of their decisions based off of moral inclination. Moll also graduated with his PhD in Experimental Pathophysiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Sao Paulo (Inspirery). Psychopaths had no sense of empathy or remorse, due to a specific damaged part of the brain. So because it didn’t exist, Washington Post inferred the question could we really hold them accountable for their senseless behaviors. After all they had no sense of it.

In conclusion Jorge Moll analysis provided information how scientifically it actually feels good doing for others in the same essence of morality.