Virtual Assets Enhanced By WAX And Malcolm CasSelle

As a world leader in the sale of virtual assets, OPSkins is also one of the largest bitcoin merchants. At the end of 2017, they have set out to remain at the top by introducing a new way for players to exchange these assets far more reliably than even now. To become a world leader you must also look at ways to improve and Malcolm CasSelle, Cheif Technology Officer of OPSkins, would agree.

Virtual assets are the clothes, weaponry or otherwise skins that players add to their characters in-game. In a similar vein as how you and I might want to express our individuality in the clothes we wear and the accessories we sport. The only difference is that gamers buy these assets with virtual currency; cryptocurrency more specifically. These altcoins come in various forms and across many marketplaces. Unfortunately, the way things were, fragmentation and fraud remained concerns.

OPSkins addresses these concerns with WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange), a new blockchain platform for the masses. Though it remains geared towards in-game assets, it is not a strict reason for being. The aim is to allow for gamers access to a platform for strips away fragmentation and establishes a high-level of trust among buyers and sellers.

WAX accomplishes this by allowing gamers to tokenize their assets, and in effect creates a smart contract. In a given transaction the smart contracts act as an internal means of establishing trust, something not possible before. Lastly, because WAX is a blockchain based platform, it is also decentralized. This decentralization is a stark contrast to the previous centralized platform that led OPSkins to their success.

Malcolm CasSelle, a computer science graduate from MIT and Stanford University, is President of WAX in addition to his role at OPSKins. He posses years of experience when dealing with startup and projects much like WAX. CasSelle’s interests are also ripe for it as well; he enjoys video games and cryptocurrency, among other things.

He has found himself living aboard most of his professional career preceding his higher education. As of late, he lives in Las Angeles, California near to the headquarters of the two companies he works.

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