Southridge LLC and Structured Finance Help

Southridge LLC is a high-quality financial firm that calls the East Coast of the United States its home. It has one location in Connecticut and another in New York. Both branches specialize in the management of funds. The agency has been influential in the financial field for two decades. Its executive crew has developed financial techniques that boost peoples’ grasps of how the monetary world functions. Its structured finance specialists have focused on substantial direct investments since back in the nineties. The team at Southridge LLC has contributed to the financing of more than 250 public entities so far. This has provided its staff with a deep and distinctive comprehension of all the predicaments that are typical among expanding businesses. Southridge’s employees can offer guidance that relates to the majority of corporate matters. The talented people who work for Southridge include Stephen M. Hicks, Linda Carlsen, Henry B. Sargent, Lawrence J. Ditkoff and Narine Persaud. Hicks takes care of strategic components. Carlsen handles portfolio management. Sargent tackles the structuring of deals. Ditkoff manages all kinds of investment assessments. Persaud takes on cash management and fund accounting duties. Needless to say, the team members at Southridge LLC all have plenty of things on their plates each day.

Clients that are searching tirelessly for top-tier advisory guidance can get behind Southridge. Southridge Capital offers a good number of useful and practical advisory options to clients. Clients can depend on the firm for help that involves balance sheet optimization, bankruptcy and restructuring. You can visit

Southridge LLC is a structured finance powerhouse, too. It specializes in first-rate securitization work. Firms that require capital frequently make the decision to reach out to the agency. The employees at Southridge can provide clients with strong capital assets insight. You can visit their website

Credit strengthening is yet another big specialty that’s provided by this business. Clients that want information that involves liquidities, debt management and beyond can depend on the firm’s exceptionally hard-working individuals. People who want to get in touch with the company can rely on social media platforms. Southridge is accessible through Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. It even has a YouTube account.

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