Class Dojo Is Setting New Standards For Quality Educational Tools

Class Dojo is a relatively young company in the world of education and it was developed to create a higher level of communication in schools between all parties as communication has been majorly absent for decades. Students and parents are able to stay connected better than ever before with Class Dojo, allowing teachers to keep parents informed all of the time without the need for meetings and teacher conferences. While there are many educational apps and platforms out there, none of them approached the market with communication as a focus. The simple design of Class Dojo allows it to be easily accessed by anyone, parent or child, which makes it easy for parents to stay up to date with their child’s progress at all times.

Instructors are able to constantly monitor the progress of their students through the app and keep an eye on what is posted to the Class Dojo board all the time. Videos, pictures, stories, and anything else that is posted to the board is monitored by the classroom teacher.

The majority of teachers that have given Class Dojo a try have complimented it for being easy to use and making a serious impact on communication. More than ever, instructors are able to keep their students engaged and enjoying their school activities. Thanks to the research and care of Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, both of which traveled around speaking to teachers on their concerns about schooling, the duo co-founded Class Dojo. Sam and Liam noticed that many students felt as if they were left behind or alone in their learning and they wanted to fix this issue. With Class Dojo, students are able to receive the proper support from their parents and instructors on a regular basis.

Class Dojo has found their way into schools all over the United States as well as many countries around the world. Class Dojo first launched with their services being free to everyone, and they have remained true to that original vision that education should not cost money to be acceptable or enjoyable. With a simple interface that is compatible with most devices, there is no better time to get started with Class Dojo. Student or parent can ask their classroom teacher for an invitation to get in on the positive community building platform.

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