How Fabletics is Taking on Bigger Online Retailers and Winning

Fabletics, the athletics leisurewear company known for its subscription model, is taking on much larger and more established retailers and sales seem to indicate that they are winning. The brand, fronted by actress Kate Hudson, is using modern and innovative strategies to continue to grow even as other brands have trouble keeping pace. The largest online retailer for women’s clothing currently is Amazon, a difficult company to compete with given their popularity and rock bottom prices. However the impressive growth Fabletics has shown suggests that women are beginning to trust them just as much.


One of the tactics that Fabletics has done best is called reverse showrooming. The term showrooming is a fairly new one that originated a few years ago, when retailers began seeing a new trend. Consumers would go to physical locations to see products or perhaps try on garments, but leave empty handed and actually purchase the items they like online, where they can find better prices. By maintaining only a few physical stores and keeping prices the same in store and online, and adding items tried on in the store directly to the online cart, Fabletics is able to avoid the issue of showrooming.


Another smart tactic by the brand was partnering with Kate Hudson. Although she had little background in business, Hudson was a perfect choice to represent Fabletics. Her approachable, laid back style and image speaks to the target consumer for the brand. As a working mom as well as a stylish celebrity, Hudson gives the brand authenticity. Unlike some of the other brands celebrities partner with, consumers find it easy to believe that Hudson actually wears the clothes and enjoys them.


To get started with Fabletics, users can go to the website and take the lifestyle quiz. By answering a few questions, the system will help them choose the right clothing for them. Once this is done, users can have an outfit that matches their preferences sent directly to their home. These specially chosen outfits arrive on a monthly basis, making it easy for workout enthusiasts to get comfy, stylish gear without having to go shopping.

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