Lime Crime becoming Mainstream

Every product has its beginning. Every startup has its garage beginnings, from nothing to something. The same can be said of the fast growing business of LimeCrime, the makeup and cosmetics brand that is changing the way people see themselves. From a simple startup in 2007 to where popular actresses are starting to sport the Lime Crime look on popular TV shows.

Madelaine Petsch, also known as Cheryl on the hit show Riverdale, is often sporting a very bright red shade of lipstick that is truly personified in what Lime Crime represents, bright fashionable colors you just cannot find anywhere else. This is not just a fashion statement for the beautiful actress, but a fashion forward movement that helps push the show to edgier boundaries.

Just like the founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere who evolved from public relations manager when she was part of a band with her husband to creating bright and vibrant cosmetics that you could not find anywhere else, Madeline Petsch is setting a trend among her fellow co-stars. Not only does Madeline where the bright color lipstick, but it also matches her bright ginger locks. Her favorite go-to color is Lime Crime’s Red Velvet lipstick.

One reason that Madeline likes the Lime Crime cosmetic so much, apart from the bright color that has made her lip kissing signature famous is that the lipstick does not smear or smudge. Of course the lipstick does not stop there. Madeline is known in her role as Cheryl as a high society socialite, so inevitably she is going to attend a party or two. With the holidays upon us, there is only one outfit that would go perfect with those Red Velvet lips, a young Miss Santa Clause outfit, brightly colored red, velvet, short skirt to get everyone’s attention, and the cherry on top, Lime Crime colored lips.

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