Talos Energy among the first beneficiaries of Mexico’s energy sector reforms

In 1938, Mexico closed its energy sector to foreigners and licensed a single state-owned company Petroleos Mexicanos the rights to do offshore oil exploration and drilling within its borders. In a recent move by the Government to institute reforms in the energy sector, a private company has been given leeway to drill a new offshore oil well within Mexican waters, a step that has been lauded by many as a green light to allow foreign businesses back to the Mexican energy markets after almost 8 decades of protectionist policies.

The lucky firm is a joint venture comprising of 3 oil and energy companies namely Premier Oil Plc based in London, Talos Energy LLC from Houston and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas. In a statement released by Premier Oil Plc, the company revealed that drilling has already begun and is expected to go on for up to 3 months. The statement also added that the exercise is expected to cost Premier Oil Plc alone a total of $16 million with the total estimates of the product in the well expected to be in a range of between 100 million barrels to 500 million barrels of crude oil. According to Premier’s statement, Talos energy will be in charge of operations and will own a stake of 35%. Sierra Oil & Gas will be the largest shareholder in the venture with a stake of 40% and 25% for Premier Oil Plc.

About Talos Energy

Talos Energy is a private oil and gas exploration and drilling company. The company is led by a management team with several years’ hands-on experience in both offshore oil and gas exploration and production. Talos Energy pride themselves with possessing the expertise and machinery required for exploring, exploiting and optimizing deepwater assets by using the most innovative techniques and modern cutting-edge seismic technologies.

With a strong and positive track record spanning well over 10 years, Talos Energy has continued to deliver high returns to their investors while continuing to seek new innovative and safe ways to operate in a deliberate effort to widen the company’s competitive advantage.

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Talkspace: Take Care Of Yourself

Talkspace always has the needs of its clients and customers at the forefront of their minds. After all, if someone is struggling, they want to help out as much as they can in this particular situation. They are an online therapy app that has video, text, and phone calls. No matter what someone needs or what kind of mental health help they need, Talkspace is going to provide it with professionalism, expertise, and the over 1,000 professionals that really care about the well being of every single person they talk to on the phone. It is hard to find that type of care at a therapist’s office.

The wonderful thing about Talkspace is the fact that it knows this. It is well aware of it, which is why it was created in the first place. They knew a lot of people really didn’t know what to do or who to turn in a particular situation. They had exhausted all of their options and they had come up empty. However, the mental health issues that were plaguing them still existed. They really had no idea what to do until they heard about this life-saving company. It is a company that wears its heart on its sleeve and cares about their patients and not the bottom line, which is why their prices are so low.

When it comes to mental health, there is no one-size-fits-all way to treat it, cure it, and make it better. It is why their professionals are able to help anyone with whatever they are battling at the moment. They want them to get better and they want them to take care of themselves. They are there, every step of the way, to make sure that happens for them. This is a product that is truly one of a kind, and many people have said it changed their life.

Clay Siegall Strives to Bring More Cancer Therapy drugs to The Market

Scientists are in the race to discover more drugs for cancer treatment. Clay Siegall stands tall among the researchers who have managed to bring to fruition some of the best cancer therapies. He is the man behind Seattle Genetics, a biotech firm that does research on antibodies and converts them into cancer drugs. Founded nearly two decades ago, Seattle Genetics has continued to grow and is soon likely to attain the status of a pharmaceutical company.

Currently, the market value of the oncology company stands at about $10 billion, while the number of employees has surged to over 900, making Seattle Genetics the leading biotech company in Washington. Clay Siegall, the chairperson, president, CEO and co-founder of Seattle Genetics, says that they are focused on becoming giants in the oncology industry who are capable of supplying the market with a wide range of cancer drugs. The company’s long list of drugs on pipeline points out its commitment to this course.

In the quest to transform into a pharmaceutical company, Seattle Genetics has moved beyond drug development to making international marketing a central part of its operations. The past partnership with Takeda Oncology gave the company a chance to learn about the dynamics of marketing new drugs in the international market. Clay believes that with this experience, they will be able to navigate all the hurdles faced by new drugs in globe scenes. The increased attention on the global market saw the firm open offices in Switzerland, and this was followed by a $2 billion bid to acquire worldwide rights for commercialization of cancer drugs.

International marketing is perhaps the reason the sales of Seattle Genetics have increased by over 46 percent since 2014. In the same period, the stock price appreciated from $20 to $66.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics. He serves as president and CEO; additionally, he sits at the board of the company as the chairperson. Dr. Siegall has used his leadership skills to steer Seattle Genetics into becoming a premier biotech company. The approval of ADCETRIS by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is one of the milestones the company has achieved under Siegall’s leadership.

Dr. Siegall also has played a pivotal role in raising massive capital for the operations of the company. Besides holding demanding roles at Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall, alongside Matthew Fust, was appointed to the board of Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc. as directors.

Meet Manaira Shopping Mall Owner, Roberto Santiago

Persistence is a virtue that is noted in only a handful of individuals. Among them is Roberto Santiago. Roberto became one of Brazil’s successful entrepreneurs and real estate investors, despite starting out as a small cartonnage company owner in Joao Pessoa, his hometown. The firm grew and started providing decorative folding cartons to some of the renowned brands in the nation. Born in Joao Pessoa in 1958, Roberto attended the Pio X-Marist College. Later, he joined the University Center of Joao Pessoa to pursue an undergraduate program in Business Administration.



How it started


Today, Roberto Santiago boasts of having the most popular shopping mall in the state of Paraiba, Manaira Shopping Mall. The project started back in 1987 when he purchased the land on which the mall stands and the development process took two years. Manaira mall offers an array of recreation activities to its guests. Most notably, is the state-of-the-art concert hall at the rooftop. The mall has several retail stores, workout facility, retail shops, food courts, a college, a banking premises and a theater.


Features and Amenities


The hall above is called The Domus Hall, launched in 2009. Despite the fact that is situated on the rooftop, it has an expansive space that makes it suitable for concerts, weddings, exhibitions, fairs, conferences, graduation ceremonies among other events. Surprisingly, the hall can accommodate a total of 14, 000 individuals – 10,000 standing and 4,000 seated. It has full sound-proof walls, an AC system, and a full-surround sound system. The hall is designed as a two-story structure with an upper floor that has individual compartments for those who seek privacy, while the lower floor is for the throng. Its compelling design and contemporary features have made the hall popular among some locally and globally celebrated artists.


There is the broad latitude of entertainment spots at the Manaira Mall including a recently upgrade theater, complete with 3-D cinema features. Gaming enthusiasts also have a gaming zone with a bowling alley, arcades, and ethnic food courts. The restaurants mainly focus on offering gourmet food items, rather than the typical Brazilian fast foods.


The mall covers an area of more than 135, 000 square meters and a car parking space with a capacity of 3180 cars. Its magnificent architecture draws the eye, as it was designed and developed to international standards. Hosting a college and a financial institution, it signals the scale of the shopping plaza as a public venue. The security division comprises of highly trained personnel so shoppers and revelers can enjoy their time without worrying about their safety.


Santiago also, owns another shopping mall, Mangeira which was developed in 2013, although it has not gained as much popularity as its counter mall. Nonetheless, both of them have not only brought vibrancy to the city of Joao Pessoa but has also bolstered its economic and social setting. Because of that, most enterprises have relocated to the town, thereby bringing an additional economic boost.


Dr. Mark McKenna and his Journeys with Healthcare Ventures

Healthcare professionals often fail to make an impact with their ventures considering they do not have exposure or talent to shine in the business world. Contrary to those conceptions, Dr. Mark McKenna a leading physician and medical entrepreneur from New Orleans, proved that both the can be managed if people are gifted and hardworking enough. He is a licensed surgeon as well as an MBA graduate. While starting medical practice along with his father, Mark also launched a boutique real estate firm named McKenna Venture Investments.

Within few years, it could acquire he acquired Uptown Title, Inc and Universal Mortgage Lending and started varied real estate finance services. The Hurricane Katrina shattered his dreams in 2005, however, McKenna actively participated in the rebuilding efforts of the city by offering medium and low-income housing.

In 2017, McKenna founded OVME, a medical aesthetic firm focusing on technology to reinvent elective healthcare. Currently, Mark leads the company as its Chief Executive Officer. He says that while working more than a decade in the medical aesthetic industry, Mark got some insights about it and found there are many untapped opportunities in the industry. This is where McKenna founded OVME. McKenna says he loves to visualize things, and that helps him to get better ideas and insights which he can implement in the business for its success.

Dr. McKenna is also the founder of Shape Medical Wellness Center, a leading non-surgical aesthetic clinic in Atlanta that goes for weight loss solutions. He made sure that the hospital offers affordable weight loss solutions under the guidance of expert and qualified physicians, staff, nutritionists, and dieticians. Under the guidance of Mark, the clinic provides individualized treatment solutions as the body conditions and the needs of any two people are different. To Know More Click Here

Dr. McKenna completed his medical graduation from the University School of Medicine Tulane before starting his practice. He was featured in the Doctorpreneur program of CBS in 2013 considering his success in both the world of surgery and entrepreneurship.

Greg Secker Offers the Secrets to help you Succeed in Forex Trading

Greg Secker is a businessman, philanthropist, and international speaker. Born in 1975, he is the proprietor of Capital Index, Learn to Trade and SmartCharts Software. To give back, he started the Greg Secker Foundation which positively influences the lives of many people. Greg became a multi-millionaire at a tender age and is willing to share his secrets to success with others. He has worked with Thomas Cook Financial Services and also as a vice-president at Mellon Financial Corporation. Greg left to start his own company, Learn to Trade. He has since advised several people who attend his seminars. He also speaks on CNBC and Bloomberg. He even talks alongside prominent personalities like Sir Richard Branson.

Greg Secker recommends that one should start with forex to learn about trading. The unpredictable nature of the economy makes forex trading the next venture for many traders. Forex trading happens over the internet, and therefore one needs to identify a suitable software. The software you choose is critical because if you better understand the options available and whether you are comfortable navigating the software. Forex trading has become popular with as much as over $5 trillion traded in the market on a daily basis. Another tip is to make useful use of the demo account which is offered by most software when starting forex trade. With this option, one can carry on with business without using real cash.

To succeed in the forex market, one should have a mentor with a proven record. After learning a specific trade, Greg advises that one should stick to it to avoid confusions. Attending seminars and workshops is also a great way of learning the ins and outs of forex trading. He adds that one should understand the forex indicators and how to manage risks. These signs help you figure out when to buy and what to buy. Traders usually use Simple Moving Average, Bollinger Bands, and the Exponential Moving Average as indicators. Greg recommends that one chooses an indicator that works for him/her. Indicators help analyze charts in the stock market for you as explained bty Greg Secker.

Goettl Provides Information For HVAC Equipment Owners

There are few air conditioning brands with the vast amount of experience the Goettl company has built up over the course of the last eight decades. Breaking down the myths and problems many believe can only be attended to by a team of technicians from Goettl has been a major part of the work of Goettl completed in conjunction with the NorCal Website under the title, “Goettl Tells All”.

HVAC owners have been given a range of opportunities and advice to take advantage on between visits from their local Goettl technicians. Firstly, utility bills can be a problem for many during the warmest and coldest periods of the year but remembering every degree below 78F during the warm periods sees an eight percent increase in the cost of powering a unit.

The need for a higher level of success to be achieved in the workings of the HVAC system is important to all property owners who feel they can follow a few simple steps to affect the workings of their HVAC system. Shade is the friend of all HVAC equipment and can allow cooler air to be passed through the system to achieve a more comfortable environment for the homeowner to enjoy.

Goettl has been at the heart of the HVAC industry throughout the 21st-century after the brand was established by brothers, Adam and Gust Goettl following their move from Ohio to Arizona; the brothers found fame in Ohio for their new ways of quickly and safely thawing frozen pipes before using similar technology to cool homes in Arizona.

Goettl may be one of the founding members of the HVAC industry but the brand now focuses on the maintenance and installation of units across portions of the Southeast. The return to Las Vegas of the brand in recent years has been the starting point for an unprecedented level of nationwide expansion. You can visit their Facebook page