Whitney Wolfe Marries Michael Herd

Whitney Wolfe is a young beautiful woman who is changing the lives of the people who are looking for partners. The businesswoman has been in the market for some time, and she is slowly taking the industry by a storm. Wolfe has been trying her best to bring couples together. Last month, the businesswoman married the love of her life. According to her close friends and business associates, Wolfe married an oil heir who has been dating her for several years. The chief executive officer of Bumble said her marriage vows in a very colorful wedding that was attended by some of the respected individuals in the United States business communities.

Early last month, Wolfe and her longtime boyfriend, Michael Herd chose to tie the knot in far away from their homes.The couple held the event in Italy, and they gave the guests attending an experience they would never forget. After the colorful event, the lovebirds started their honeymoon, and they say that they would be exploring France and Italy. The extended holiday is expected to take several weeks.

The families and friends of the two lovers were excited to witness as the couple made their wedding official. Wolfe and her boyfriend have been dating for close to three years now, and they decided to get engaged in July this year. The wedding has come as a surprise to many people who knew the couple. According to friends and family, Wolfe met her husband in the year 2014 during Valentine’s Day. In a very short duration, the couples became an item, and they have been together since then. Whitney Wolfe is very excited to have married the love of her life.

Wolfe has been in the entrepreneurial industry for some time now. After completing her education several years ago, the businesswoman partnered with a friend so that they could start a dating app known as Tinder. The company did quite well, and it gave the businesswoman the type of skills she was looking for in the competitive market.

Wolfe chose to resign from Tinder so that she could focus on making her own investment. The first application from Wolfe is known as Bumble, and its main objective is to connect single people who are looking for love. The application is very popular among all people, and it connects millions of people every day. Bumble has received several positive reviews due to the quality of services it has been offering individuals in the country.

Learn More: www.nytimes.com/2017/03/18/fashion/bumble-feminist-dating-app-whitney-wolfe.html


The Once Rocker Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi was born in Brazil on December 9th, 1970. Growing up in Sao Paulo, he began playing the drums at an early age. Cassio’s earliest musical influences included Iron Maiden and other heavy metal bands that saw a prominent uprising in the early eighties. This love of music led Cassio to join the alternative thrash rock band Viper as the drummer in 1985. Viper’s original line up included Pedro and Yves Passarell on guitar and base, Andre Matos as lead vocals and keyboard, Felipe Machado on guitar, and Cassio Audi as the drummer. By 1987 Viper released its debut album Soldiers of Sunrise, with the most notable tracks being the title song Soldiers of Sunrise, Signs of the Night, and Nightmares. In 1989 Viper released its second album Theatre of Fate, a fervent mixture of metal and classical music. Theatre of Fate quickly saw widespread success. In the early nineties, Viper had acquired international fame, outselling popular bands such as Nirvana and Van Halen in Japan. It was on this album, Theatre of Fate, that Viper released the song Living for the Night, one of the bands most well known and loved songs. In 1989 Cassio was the first member to leave the then popular band Viper, followed shortly by another founder and lead vocalist Andre Matos, who would return again in the mid-2000s. Cassio’s stated reason for leaving Viper was to pursue other career interests, and in 1990 enrolled at Sao Paulo University to pursue and eventually graduate with a degree in business. Cassio never returned to his original band Viper and has not been associated with another band since. while nowadays most see Cassio Audi as a prominent businessman, some of us will always remember the angsty long haired teen drummer from the beloved thrash band Viper.

How Drew Madden Has Become A Leader In The Healthcare Industry

As the Managing Partner of Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Drew Madden has years of experience in the healthcare industry. He is an expert in electronic medical records who has successfully completed many EMR projects for other companies in the industry. He is a graduate of the University of Iowa and holds a BSE in Industrial Engineering. He graduated from this institution in 2002 and while attending it he served as a student advisor.

Upon graduation, Drew Madden joined the healthcare industry. He got his first job as an Integration Consultant at Cerner Corporation where he worked for four years. During his time with this company, which is located in Chicago, he became certified in a number of specializations including CPOE, PharmNet, and eMAR. He used his experience in the industry to join another company in the industry, Healthia Consulting/Ingenix Consulting, in 2006. He worked as one of their Senior Epic Consultants and was responsible for putting in place inpatient applications. After five years he was promoted to the position of Regional Sales Director.

In 2010, Drew Madden became the Executive Vice President of Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. His excellent work in the position led to him being named President of the company just seven months later. During the almost five years he spent at this company he was responsible for things such as business development. He oversaw their recruiting and consulting efforts as well as client relations.

In July of 2017, Madden joined Evergreen Healthcare Partners as the firm’s Managing Partner. This company, which is located in Madison, Wisconsin, provides its vast experience in healthcare IT to its clients around the United States. They have employees specialized in many of the EHR platforms in order to help their clients.

Drew Madden has found a lot of success during his career. While he was at Nordic Consulting Partners he oversaw the strong growth of the company. During his time there the company grew from just ten employees to one that employed 725 people. The company’s annual revenue also grew dramatically, going from about $1 million a year to $130 million.