ClassDojo: Transforming Classroom Experiences for Students, Teachers, and Parents through Video, Picture and Message Sharing

ClassDojo is a classroom communication app designed to bring students, teachers, and parents together. The app was incepted in the year 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The team behind this excellent app comprises of designers, engineers, and educators who understand the school systems well.

The Features

ClassDojo aims at offering every child and teacher an exceptional classroom experience where they share their experiences with the parents. The app is designed with excellent features that are easy to use for all parties involved. The Classroom feature allows the teachers, students, and parents to create a conducive environment that they can share progress and feedback. The Stories feature allows sharing of pictures and videos captured on school days. The feature is designed to place each picture to the appropriate audience. School Stories allow the school management to share information with every family associated with the institution. Class Story shares with the people associated with the class. Student Stories allows a student to create a profile that she or he can share his or her own school experiences.

The messages feature on ClassDojo is a powerful tool that allows the school management, teachers, and parents to share instant messages. The feature doesn’t require the user to provide their contact or phone details. The remarkable thing about the feature is that it is accessible in over 35 different languages. It also has a sub-feature called Quiet Hours that notifies the parents when the teachers are offline. Besides class work, ClassDojo is interested in the emotional and social growth of the students. The app offers the Original Content: Big Ideas feature that caters for such development of the social and emotional skills. In partnership with Stanford PERTS, ClassDojo created the Growth Mindset part of the feature. The other subsection of the feature is Empathy created in collaboration with Harvard’s Making Caring Common.


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