The Traveling Vineyard Steals The Show

For your next vacation trip, you should consider going to the Napa Valley area. In this area, it is known for wines. You will be able to taste as many of them as you would like to. While you are there, take the people that you are traveling with to see other sights too. The Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides want you to be able to see as much as you can.

The Napa Art Walk Is Wonderful

Take the people that you are traveling with to go on the Napa Art Walk. Experience the different pieces, especially the 3-D artwork. You will love all of it.

A Fun Day In The Park

Experience a fun day in the park when you take a picnic there. You will also be able to do some bird watching and take lots of photographs of the area.

The Cooking School Gives Classes

Take a great, cooking class at the Silverdale Cooking School. Learn to make some great dishes that you will love. Also plan on adding the wines that you like the best.

Try TheAuberge Spa

When you visit the Auberge Spa, you will be entitled to baths and massages that will uplift you. Let yourself be treated like royalty for change, and enjoy every moment of it.

Do You Like The Idea Of Being A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide?

The Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides meet new people all the time. They have wine parties where they let the people try out the wines so that they will buy them. The Wine Guides can make as much money as they want to.

How Do You Become A Wine Guide For The Traveling Vineyard?

You can visit their website to learn even more about the company. While you are there, you can fill out an application. It won’t take you long to hear from them, and then you will be on your way to making money as a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide.

The Traveling Vineyard provides an excellent, social media presence. When you utilize it, you can get even more business. This will allow you to make even more money than you had planned on. Utilize the other people from the company well. They can help you with any questions that you might have because they have been doing this type of business for a while. You will be impressed with all that they know.

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Software Entrepreneur Eric Pulier Completes An Interview On Inspirey

Eric Pulier is a software and technology innovator and entrepreneur. He is also a venture capitalist that invests his own money into new and exciting startups that he believes have potential. Below are some of the highlights of Eric Pulier’s interview with Inspirey.

The first question that was asked of Eric Pulier was how he got started in the software and tech field and what inspired him to enter this sector. Eric Pulier responded that he always had a passion for technology and software. It dates back all the way back to when he was a kid. As for how he got started in the tech field, Pulier said he was always on the lookout for a way to bring his technology ideas to as many people as possible. He believes that an idea is not worth anything unless it can be brought to a market.

The second question asked of Eric Pulier by Inspirey was how does Eric Pulier make money in his business. Mr. Pulier responded by saying that he is a venture capitalist now and that he is constantly on the lookout for innovative and passionate people with bold new ideas. He says that he has become quite adapt at gauging whether a person is passionate about his idea and whether they can put the time and effort needed to see an idea or project to the finish line. When Eric Pulier invests in successful ideas and people he gets a return on his money that he invested in them.

Next, Eric Pulier was asked how long it took him to become profitable. Mr. Pulier said that making an initial profit was easy for him because he had done a lot of research ahead of his product’s launch. With the logistics in place, it was easy for him to turn a profit almost immediately. The real challenge for Eric Pulier was staying profitable while keeping a payroll. He was mentoring his employees, trying to improve his products and keeping a cash flow at the same time. This was tricky, but Pulier says he able to juggle all of the responsibilities eventually.

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Norman Pattiz podcast icon

Norman Pattiz who established Podcast One and serves as its chief executive chairman is a popular media personality in America. He had earlier founded other media ventures such as Westwood that became one of America’s biggest broadcaster of all sorts of news, music and talk shows. His passion for quality programming made him establish the Courtside Entertainment Group that is based in Los Angeles. The company is concerned with producing and financing multi-platform programming. The company has made great leaps of success as it serves as the home of media celebrities such as Laura Ingraham and Ron Paul.


In recognition of his exemplary performance in the media industry, he was appointed in the year 2000 to the Broadcasting Board of Governors by President Bill Clinton. He was reappointed to the board again by President George Bush in 2002 ( He was tasked with the responsibility to conjure up and launch an American radio and television that would broadcast in the Arabic language and extend the platform to the twenty-two countries in the Middle East. His knowledge, counsel and business acumen is highly sought, and this has landed him positions at institutions. Norman is the Chairman of the national laboratories of Lawrence, Los Almos, and Livermore. He has also received awards such as the Giants of Broadcasting from the Library of American Broadcasting.


Of all media ventures associated with Norman Pattiz, it is Podcast One that has been the most successful. Founded in 2012, Podcast is the leading producer and distributor of audio-on-demand programs. Additionally, it has a host of famous media personalities and brands in its lineup. These include Adam Carolla, Dan Patrick, and Larry King among others. The company has expanded its list of celebrities by bringing Norman Lear on board where he will host a weekly podcast ( He is a legendary Second World War media artist, and he will be joined by his friend and actor Paul Hip.


Norman’s show will feature topics such as comedy, music, celebrities, and ordinary people among others. The show will start with new episodes on Podcast’s online platforms. Norman joins other celebrities such as Julia Louis, Jerrod, and Ferrera who featured sports and religion. Norman is ready to give an all-inclusive podcast, and Pattiz is happy for having him in the company. At the age of ninety-five years, he has vast experience and has won awards such as the National Medal of the Arts.


How Lori Senecal Is Willing To Take Risks In The World Of Advertising

Lori Senecal has been very successful in her role as the chief executive officer of the advertising agency CP+B. Under her leadership revenue has gone up by 21%. This increase is credited to her creativity and willingness to take risks.

One of the examples of this is the role she took when her client Kraft removed the artificial ingredients from their Mac & Cheese product. She and her firm advised the company to not mention this fact in their advertising as there were concerns that parents would start avoiding the product as it would no longer appeal to their picky children. It was only after 50 million boxes of the new Mac & Cheese were sold that an advertising campaign was built around how the product had changed for the better.

In 2017, Fast Company named Lori Senecal as one of the most creative people in the world of business, ranking her 87th out of the top 100. They credited her ability to embolden her clients to take risks in the pursuit of effective advertising. They have also said that she ignites an innovative culture at the advertising agencies she has worked for. It is said that she encourages an entrepreneurial spirit where employees have an invested stake in the company and are able to shape its path.

In the 14 years that Lori Senecal has spent in the advertising business, she has consistently been a force for creativity and innovation. She was born and raised in Canada and attended McGill University where she earned her degree in commerce. She then moved to New York City which is at the heart of the world of advertising. She has been a top executive at a number of advertising agencies including McCann Erickson where she was named the president of McCann NY in July of 2007.

For several years Senecal was the top executive at another New York advertising firm, Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners. She had been the company’s president, CEO, and chairman of the board. It was in March of 2015 that she joined Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B) where she heads up its international efforts. Follow Lori Senecal on Twitter.

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How End Citizens United Plans To Change The Constitution

The just concluded presidential election has taught a lot of lessons to the Americans. What made the entire process was the manner in which the campaigns were conducted, how close the contest was and how shocking a Donald Trump win was to the world. However, there are particular groups of people who had foreseen problems with the systems even before the election campaigns amplified them.

One of these groups is the End Citizens United PAC. Before the elections, the group was raising funds and supporting the campaigns of some of the democratic party candidates. However, they are now concentrating on amending the End Citizens United versus F. E.C bill which was passed into law in 2010.

The bill made it possible for large corporations to act as individuals, especially in support of various candidates political campaigns. The issues which have cropped up from the bill include the reduced accountability on campaign funds. It is known that billions of dollars are being spent in political campaigns. However, there is no way to know where the money is coming from or whether it is clean money. These are the issues that End Citizens United want to be examined again.

The group was started in 2015. Their main aim was to bring changes to campaign financing. They stated their affiliation and support of the Democratic party from the outset. In the first round of their fundraisers, the group managed to raise close to $4 million. As they gained prominence, they were able to increase this amount to about $25 million and are currently aiming for more. The primary objective is to have the constitution amended, outlawing the involvement of the Super PACs in the electoral processes. To get this amendment, they need a million signatures from the citizens delivered to the supreme court. So far, they have managed to collect 325,000 signatures. They are hoping that they will get more signatures out of the partnership they have created with the Ready for Hillary Movement.

The last time that the American constitution was amended was in 1992. These people, therefore, feel that it is a time that the people got to know about the issues that are affecting them as a country. There are a few individuals who view their aim to have the constitution amended as a little too ambitious. However, the management of the group is very optimistic about their operations. They also confided that they are way ahead of their fundraising schedule for the midterms which will be held in 2018. They say that they are receiving a lot of donations from first-time contributors to their course. They feel that this is because Trump became president. They believe that they will manage to bring about change in the political landscape.

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Regional Banking vs National Banking: Which Is Better For You

The banking industry is very competitive as well as demanding. When you hear the word bank, what names tend to come to mind? More than likely, most people will answer with Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, US Bank and others of similar status. These are all considered to be national banking institutions. On the other hand, regional banking is a bit smaller than its larger counterparts, but regional banking has closed the gap on the types of services it offers. Just about any business solution a national bank provides can be duplicated by regional banks. Innovative technology is the name of the game, and it’s being used to the fullest in the exclusive banking industry.

NexBank Capital is the perfect example of this transformation as it has become a leading financial center in the Southeastern U.S. NexBank is located in Dallas, Texas, and it is revolutionizing the way people do banking. Though it specializes in commercial, mortgage and investment banking, this center provides many other financial solutions such as warehouse lending, credit services, agency services, public funds, treasury management, mortgage services, financial institutions and many more. The bank had an estimated $6.4 billion in total assets, which is a big indicator of its success.

CEO John Holt of NexBank Capital attended last year’s Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference in New Orleans. This conference is held by the Texas Bankers Association and 2016 was its 5th anniversary. This conference allows financial leaders, consultants, insiders and advisors a chance to share perspectives and ask questions. Holt served as one of the conference’s panelists. The topic of discussion was “Reinventing Community Banking.” Holt did a wonderful job at his position as participants and panelists united for the evening in hopes for continuous progression into the future.

Greg Secker: Teaching You To Be A Financial Success Through Currency Trading

Greg Secker is a risk taker and believes everyone should have the ability to make money anywhere they are, at any time. This is why he teaches others the power of the foreign trade market. He provides knowledge that can help anyone live financially successful

Lives and have the ability to become wealthy as young as in their 20s.

His journey started when he was still studying in college. He went to a job fair and ended up with an employment opportunity at a place called Thomas Cook Financial Services. At the time, Greg Secker was building computers and very interested in the technology field. When he started this job, he started out in an entry level position, but was quickly asked to take a position in the currency trading floor in the building. Hus job was to work on developing a software called the Virtual Trading Desk. The Virtual Trading Desk would later be the first online currency trading platform. This experience allowed Greg to pick up many trading strategies and increased his interest in foreign trading.

The development of Virtual Trading Desk helped him learn strategies for trading that worked. Greg borrowed £5000 and turned it into £60000 within one year using strategies he had learned. He soon earned enough money to retire early, but got bored quickly. So, Greg spent his time attending seminars on trading and came up with the idea that he too could hold seminars and speak about trading from a foreign trade view.

Greg also created The Greg Secker Foundation which helps build sustainable communities by giving them the resources to thrive. Greg spends his time coaching ordinary people to become entrepreneurs and gain the power of financial success. He has authored a book called Financial Freedom through Forex, which is a step-by-step guide to be successful and start making money in the currency market.

Greg Secker knows the secrets as he himself was a multimillionaire by the time he was in his early twenties. He is the owner of Europe’s top trading coach company. He owns Learn To Trade, SmartCharts Software, and Capital Index.

The Achievements of Logan Stout

Numerous titles can be used to describe Logan Stout. He is an accomplished entrepreneur with a distinct interest in baseball. He is also a philanthropist, a keynote speaker and most importantly a leadership trainer. Throughout his career, Mr. Stout has succeeded in making billions of dollars. He has had a consistent record as far as leadership is concerned. This excellence has made him reap benefits from his business ventures and has created a name for him, all the more reasons he is sought for.

Most recently Logan Stout ventured into the health and wellness sector. He launched IDLife LLC in the year 2014. The company has numerous energy supplements, sleep aids and weight management items. Customers continue to receive the ideal products as soon as they take an assessment test. The products give the clients customized benefits. The company has exhibited significant growth since its foundation. Logan works together with partners such as Jen Widerstrom, Darwin Deason, and Troy Aikman. Last year, the organization was named among the 100 top MLM Companies in the world.

Out of the love that Logan Stout has for baseball, he founded one of the largest baseball organization known as Dallas Patriots. The aim of coming up with this group was to inspire the youths to continue building their skills and elevating them to the next notch. Logan figured out that the organization would avail its training to more people, more so to those who need more encouragement, considering that it is not all children who receive emotional support from either homes or schools.

Logan Stout always want to show people that it is possible to attain their best especially if they give a keen eye to their health. He believes that to be successful, one ought to keenly look at the connection between their soul, mind, and body. In line with mentoring people. Logan is an author. He has written books such as Stout Advice: The Secret to Building Yourself, People and Teams. In this book, Stout states some strategies that have made him reap much success. He encourages people to chase their dreams and also offers them a guide to making it possible.

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ClassDojo: Transforming Classroom Experiences for Students, Teachers, and Parents through Video, Picture and Message Sharing

ClassDojo is a classroom communication app designed to bring students, teachers, and parents together. The app was incepted in the year 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The team behind this excellent app comprises of designers, engineers, and educators who understand the school systems well.

The Features

ClassDojo aims at offering every child and teacher an exceptional classroom experience where they share their experiences with the parents. The app is designed with excellent features that are easy to use for all parties involved. The Classroom feature allows the teachers, students, and parents to create a conducive environment that they can share progress and feedback. The Stories feature allows sharing of pictures and videos captured on school days. The feature is designed to place each picture to the appropriate audience. School Stories allow the school management to share information with every family associated with the institution. Class Story shares with the people associated with the class. Student Stories allows a student to create a profile that she or he can share his or her own school experiences.

The messages feature on ClassDojo is a powerful tool that allows the school management, teachers, and parents to share instant messages. The feature doesn’t require the user to provide their contact or phone details. The remarkable thing about the feature is that it is accessible in over 35 different languages. It also has a sub-feature called Quiet Hours that notifies the parents when the teachers are offline. Besides class work, ClassDojo is interested in the emotional and social growth of the students. The app offers the Original Content: Big Ideas feature that caters for such development of the social and emotional skills. In partnership with Stanford PERTS, ClassDojo created the Growth Mindset part of the feature. The other subsection of the feature is Empathy created in collaboration with Harvard’s Making Caring Common.


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White Shark Media Provides Reliable Advertising Service

Many businesses and entrepreneurs have gained many benefits from PPC services provided by White Shark Media. A successful PPC advertising campaign can produce faster results than any other online advertising or promotional method and is a great way to grow a business. Professional PPC management is a great tool for conveying your advertising message to your target audience.

White Shark Media is a renowned PPC management firm that caters to both small businesses and mid-sized businesses. The company is focused on rendering a reliable and efficient advertising management service for clients. With low setup fees, free Adwords training and no contracts, White Shark Media is a clear choice for any ambitious entrepreneur or company that wants to get started making money fast.

White Shark Media believes in honesty and transparent dealings with clients and strives to build sound and long-term relationships with them.

White Shark Media has the resources and knowledgeable professionals to reach your prospects at the right moment. In fact, White Shark Media aims to help clients reach their audience when they are ready to make a purchase.

PPC or Pay Per Click has been used for many years by numerous entrepreneurs and organizations to attract the right audience to their offers. White Shark Media and its team of advertising specialists use this advertising method to present their clients’ business and products in a positive light and increase sales and revenue.

The PPC Model is very simple and White Shark Media has systems in place to ensure that you understand how it works and how to make it work perfectly for you. The company can handle your campaign management for you, allowing you to concentrate on other ares of your business.

Once you sign up with White Shark Media, these professionals will want to know more about your business and what your expectations are. They will review your current advertising methods to determine what needs to be changed.

If you have any complaint about their service or any other issues, professionals at White Shark Media will respond promptly to resolve the matter and ensure your complete satisfaction. They have been in business for many years and have countless positive reviews. Get in touch with White Shark Media to learn more about their range of advertising solutions and how they can get your up and running fast. You’ll be glad you did.