ClassDojo Plans To Monetize Their Services

ClassDojo is taking baby steps to monetization. However, their focus at the moment is to improve its product and to grow its user base. Having very patient investors, such as the General Catalyst, the directors are not rushing into monetization yet. They prefer to have a consensus with all ClassDojo stakeholders first. They pride themselves in having a greater market share in the US; more than that of Coke.

The demand for more content from ClassDojo’s users is what is driving the company into considering monetization. But how is the company going to approach content addition? They have recently introduced Student Stories, a feature from Snapchat. This allows students to post videos and photos about their days at school. This is a significant growth considering the app was originally known as a teacher-student reward system.

Going back to monetization, ClassDojo plans to sell educational content. Selling educational curriculum and software would not be a problem for ClassDojo considering the diverse base of its users. In fact, they teamed up with Stanford University to produce and spread growth mindset educational videos to over 15 million students’ audience. Their competing edge will be due to subsided prices in their content as compared to the current market price for the same. They, however, do not plan to sell advertising.

Future Plans

ClassDojo plans to release educational videos on a regular basis. They have currently teamed up with Harvard University to produce empathy videos.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a platform where teachers meet with students and their parents online. It is also available as an app efficiently downloaded via the app store. ClassDojo was co-founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don on June 1, 2011. The two were listed in Inc.’s 2015 “30 Under 30.” Its headquarters is in San Francisco, California.

The classroom communication app helps students to build social-emotional skills. At the same time, teachers, students, and parents share what’s happening, in a manageable way, during the school day. Mostly, they use messages, photos, and videos. The platform has spread worldwide and across the U.S with a considerable significance in K-8 classrooms.

Among education technology companies, ClassDojo is the fastest growing. With a broad reach to millions of teachers, students, and parents, ClassDojo is a favorite to many. Their team of experts comprises of professionals in the engineering field, design, information technology as well as other fields. They have a deep background in public and charter schools, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Dropbox, Airbnb, and more. Currently, these services are offered free, but plans are underway to monetize ClassDojo.

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