Making Life Easier With Fun Hacks


When Wengie opens cans, there are some that are a bit painful to open. The lid might get stuck while trying to pull it off, or you might not be able to get the lid of the can completely off before the tab breaks. Use a spoon as a level when you’re opening the can. Place the handle of the spoon through the hole on the tab and the spoon against the rim. This way, you’ll have the leverage needed to pull the lid off.


If you’ve ever tried hanging a painting on a tall hook, you’ll find that it’s not that much fun. You usually can’t get the picture in place on the first try, and after several attempts, you’re about ready to give up trying to hang the picture altogether. Stick a fork into the hook on the wall, letting the handle fall away from the wall. You can loop the picture over the fork, and it will fall down over the hook. Remove the fork so that the picture is in place. If you tie your shoelaces in a typical bow, you’d be considered normal by most people. You can tie the laces like a ninja by using the thumbs and index fingers to wrap the lace around them. Pull the laces through the fingers to make a bow. It takes some practice, but once you get the hang of it, you can tie your shoes faster than you would in the normal fashion. It looks fairly neat as well.




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