Eric Pulier Enters The Venture Capital Investing World

Eric Pulier is still highly active in the IT world, though perhaps a little more as an outsider now than an insider. He’s started several new venture capital investments in mobile technology startups including vAtomic Systems, a tech capital company aimed at supporting apps that use features from games to bring to real world solutions. He once told Ideamensch the reason he went onboard with this new company was seeing how apps like Uber have used GPS combined with other cab service features to change transportation. But Eric Pulier is also working with young innovators at XPrize, a high-tech initiative that uses young people’s ideas and projects to address issues facing the science community.


Eric Pulier first went into software development and computer engineering at the outset of his career. He had majored in English and American literature while attending Harvard, but had also pursued IT projects on the side at MIT. Pulier was a consultant to People Doing Things, a non-profit computer tech group based in Los Angeles for several years. He was a founding member of Digital Evolution, one of his first SOA companies that used interactive media for business marketing. During this time he was named to VAR Business’s Top 30 eVisionary list due to his hard work in laying the ground work for cloud platforms. In the next few years he had Akana, Desktone and ServiceMesh developed, the latest of which was bought by the Computer Sciences Corporation.


Pulier was a consultant to several organizations including Microsoft, IBM and several government IT departments. He also worked closely with former President Bill Clinton’s administration and has been a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. Pulier once took a television audience to various display tents during the Presidential Technology Exhibition to see how new developments would change the way household products worked in the coming years. Pulier’s work with young children has also been noted, and as a father of four he understands how important mentoring young people is. He helped launch Starbright World for patients in children’s hospitals in 1998, and then joined the Board of Directors at the Painted Turtle, a camp for special needs children.


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