Tidal Makes a Big Splash Thanks to Desiree Perez

It is rare for a company like Tidal to rise from the ashes after so many people have doubted this company. In the early stages it was a music streaming service that many people had not even thought of before. As time progressed it became one of those types of companies that would gain attention because of Jay-Z decided to purchase it. It was an attempt to level the playing field and give the power back to the artists that were making music. Hit this for more news.


According to billboard.com, Jay Z had a great idea, and there was a lot of star power and it was initially associated with the Tidal franchise. In time, however, this became a problem because many of these major recording artists were already locked into contracts with major labels. The wife of Jay-Z, Beyonce, is a perfect example of that. She wanted to release exclusive music on the Tidal website, but she was still locked into a contract with Sony records. This took away some of her creative freedom.  Check this on hitsdailydouble.com.


Desiree Perez would be someone that would be able to come in and help Jay-Z get these artists in a place where they could provide exclusive content. She has been able to negotiate contracts for people like Rihanna and help her get better deals with Samsung. Her ability to come in and help artist maximize their potential gives her the ability to also bring Tidal to a new place. She definitely has the experience to negotiate contracts well, and it is just a matter of time before a company like Tidal becomes a mainstream company. There is no doubt that this is a music streaming war that is going on right now. Fortunately, Jay-Z has unleashed a secret weapon with Desiree Perez and it is serving him well in the streaming war.

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