How Securus Technologies Responded to GTL Press Release

Securus Technologies has responded to a press release from GTL. In their response, the company seeks to correct some information which it says that it is not true. The Dallas-based civil and criminal justice technology solutions provider has expressed shock at the information which it terms as misleading.


Clearly misleading statements


Chief executive officer, Richard A. Smith, says that there are multiple errors contained in the press published by GTL. The CEO, therefore, sought to highlight the errors and provide clarifications for the records. One of the facts that he noted was the announcement that GTL would be back in court to seek patent litigation.


Duration of the litigation


While noting that patent litigation usually takes several years to conclude, the CEO wondered if the whole case makes any sense. Securus Technologies has been a leader in providing solutions for public safety corrections, monitoring, and investigations. Over the years, the company has partnered with various other firms to pursue their business models. Mr. Smith says that there has always been a good relationship between Securus Technologies and other companies.


Asserting the company’s patents


According to the CEO, Securus will defend themselves against any attacks even though they remain committed to the best interests of the company as well as good financial practices. While noting that Securus was unquestionably a superior company and that their patent portfolio is far more extensive, Smith wondered why GTL was pursuing such an approach.


Securus Technologies serves an estimated 3,450 law enforcement, public safety and corrections agencies. The company’s commitment to serving and correcting over one million inmates across North America has always been evident with their activities based in Dallas, Texas. This has been aided by a more innovative approach to public safety issues. It is the reason the company has grown significantly over the past few years.



George Soros’ Overwhelming Political Donations

George Soros’s name has surfaced yet again in political donations on In 2004, he donated $27 million to fund a candidate’s political campaigns in an effort to defeat President George Bush. In the recent past, George has committed over $25 million. His name ranks among the top donors of the Democratic Party. George seeks to boost Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and other Democratic Party’s related causes. The billionaire has donated approximately $24.9 billion. He is likely to contribute even more as the voting day nears. This is according to the records of the Federal Election Commission and interviews made with Soros’ associates.

Having known Hillary Clinton for a long period, George Soros had scheduled to attend the Democratic convention, for the first time, to watch Clinton accept her Democratic Presidential nomination. However, he did not manage to attend the occasion. The Hungarian-born New Yorker was busy monitoring the economic state in Europe, considering that he has returned to active trading.

George Soros seems to be more engaged in political now than before. This is because of his deep faith in Hillary Clinton. In addition, he fears letting Donald Trump, whom he once accused of stoking fears in people just like ISIS, win the elections. George Soros’s political adviser, Mr. Michael Vachon, said that Soros’ donations during the recent campaigns have increased. This philanthropic act has been driven by the hostile nature of many issues that were proposed by Donald Trump such as religious tolerance, criminal justice reform and immigration reform.

Soros’ overwhelming political donation on Politico has influenced other affluent philanthropists. Some of them are already cashing in big checks for the campaigns. For instance, Tom Steyer, an environmentalist in San Francisco has donated $31 million this year, a bigger portion going to a super PAC that he administers. Don Sussman, a New York hedge funder, has given $13 million to several campaigns and other causes. On the other side, the lords of media Fred Eychaner and Haim Saban donated $11 million each. This contribution has boosted Clinton’s campaign, thus putting her ahead her rival, Donald Trump.

About George Soros
George Soros founded Soros Fund management and the Open Society Foundation. He is also the chairman of these organizations. Born in Budapest, Hungary, George Soros moved to England in 1947 where he pursued his degree from the London School of Economics. In 1956, he moved to New York where he made a large fortune through the Soros Fund Management on Investopedia that he had founded after working in the Wall Street. Soros has been donating to charities since 1979 when he started the Open Society Foundations to fund students in South Africa. Today, the foundation has expanded its services to over 100 countries. George is also an author. He has written a couple of books including the Tragedy of the European Union (2014) as well as essays and articles on politics, economics and the society.

Thor Halvorssen Wants To Save People Who Cannot Save Themselves

No one has any visions of Thor Halvorssen storming countries and fighting for the people, but he does run the Human Rights Foundation to help people who are in desperate need. He knows that he has a media platform that is very powerful, and he wants to use it as much as he can to help change lives.

The best part of this is that he knows he can keep stories in the press for years if he has to Halvorssen started out working in the Venezuelan government, but he quickly figured out that large governments can be very corrupt. That scared him, and he did not want any part of that. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

Thor Halvorssen began the Human Rights Foundation because he wanted to be able to address these issues with a nonprofit that could go to any country to help.

He knows that he cannot open offices in places like North Korea, but he knows that he can work with the countries that are near North Korea. He knows that he cannot stop the Dos Santos family from ruining Angola, but he does know that he can put pressure on them with the countries near them.

The Human Rights Foundation has tried to work with as many affected peoples as possible, and Thor Halvorssen is opening offices around the world that he knows can help people.

He wants to be able to show people that the can save their own lives when they have help, and he wants to offer that help. The cause is to help all people be free, and Thor Halvorssen will keep fighting for the oppressed as long as he can in this capacity.

Thor Halvorssen has committed his life to helping people who cannot help themselves. He wants them to have chances others did not, and that is what the Human Rights Foundation fights for every day. Halvorssen has chosen a line of work that perfectly suits him.