Mike Baur’s Entrepreneurial Vision

The Swiss Startup Factory began with a man of vision. This is, of course, the case with the grand majority of entrepreneurial efforts. Mike Baur is one of these men who is combined of a mixture of skill, business knowledge, and passion, which he has used over the years to add something special of his own to the world.

Baur was born and raised in Switzerland, where he began to grow fond of finances during his teenage years. He then received education at both University of Rochester, New York and the University of Bern. For almost twenty years Mike Baur worked in banking until he eventually rose to an executive board member position at a Swiss Private Bank. Later, in the year 2014, he co-founded the Swiss Start Up Factory as an accelerator program for entrepreneurs, which eventually became one of the most successful in Switzerland. He has also supported other numerous start-ups in Switzerland, donating both time and money to the causes.

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The Swiss Start Up Factory is based in the city of Zurich, where their main goal is to help entrepreneurs succeed. This accelerator program is designed to help people learn quickly and efficiently, and especially to help them make intelligent, beneficial financial decisions. The Swiss Start Up Factory also offers many opportunities during its three month long program for entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams by providing coaching and mentoring, as well as a place to work.

They are always looking for new startup projects to work on and find excitement in new entrepreneurs with the highest potential. Helping investors and companies get started are their niche. By offering assistance with financing strategies and a customized service package, they put their all into getting new investments off their feet. They work with their entrepreneurs, not only on finances, but also on marketing, technology, and other fields pertaining to business affairs.

Baur and his company are ready to make changes in the world with the power of their business and financial skills. The hope is that, by working together, the founders, mentors, and contributing entrepreneurs can alter and improve the business world as people see it, today.

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