Mike Baur’s Entrepreneurial Vision

The Swiss Startup Factory began with a man of vision. This is, of course, the case with the grand majority of entrepreneurial efforts. Mike Baur is one of these men who is combined of a mixture of skill, business knowledge, and passion, which he has used over the years to add something special of his own to the world.

Baur was born and raised in Switzerland, where he began to grow fond of finances during his teenage years. He then received education at both University of Rochester, New York and the University of Bern. For almost twenty years Mike Baur worked in banking until he eventually rose to an executive board member position at a Swiss Private Bank. Later, in the year 2014, he co-founded the Swiss Start Up Factory as an accelerator program for entrepreneurs, which eventually became one of the most successful in Switzerland. He has also supported other numerous start-ups in Switzerland, donating both time and money to the causes.

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Start Summiteer: 1500 viewers | 30 startups | 80 investors

The Swiss Start Up Factory is based in the city of Zurich, where their main goal is to help entrepreneurs succeed. This accelerator program is designed to help people learn quickly and efficiently, and especially to help them make intelligent, beneficial financial decisions. The Swiss Start Up Factory also offers many opportunities during its three month long program for entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams by providing coaching and mentoring, as well as a place to work.

They are always looking for new startup projects to work on and find excitement in new entrepreneurs with the highest potential. Helping investors and companies get started are their niche. By offering assistance with financing strategies and a customized service package, they put their all into getting new investments off their feet. They work with their entrepreneurs, not only on finances, but also on marketing, technology, and other fields pertaining to business affairs.

Baur and his company are ready to make changes in the world with the power of their business and financial skills. The hope is that, by working together, the founders, mentors, and contributing entrepreneurs can alter and improve the business world as people see it, today.

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Andy Wirth Gets Promoted To Chairman of Olympic Valley Incorporation

The Authority board in Reno Tahoe has an interesting new look. Andy Worth, the CEO of Alpine Meadows was appointed chairman along with three other new board members who were appointed on July 9th.
The Visitors Authority of the Reno-Sparks Convention appointed Wirth, Who was assigned the duty as chairman of a nine-member board while Jenifer Rose, Jessica Sferrazza and Lisa Gianoli were also sworn under oath, becoming new members of the board.

“In order to take our airport to a higher level, we will bring new people in with new ideas”, said Wirth. We are adding intelligent, talented, goal-driven individuals who are compassionate about improving traveling to and away from our region.

In, 2013 Andy Wirth, was assigned to serve by the board of RSCVA. He has been an expertise in the International Resort industry for a very long for and has also worked to develop an increasing amount of flights for various resorts throughout Canada, Colorado and Utah.

During his time as chairman, Wirth served as being the connection between Reno-Sparks and Lake Tahoe, “while representing an airport that is the Gateway to Lake Tahoe,” in reference to reports. Read more: http://www.rgj.com/story/life/outdoors/recreation/2015/12/03/squaw-alpine-boss-looks-turn-page-divisive-fight/76735928/

“I am very thankful to be able to represent the RSCVA and also to assist as Chairman of an organization that’s imperative to our local economy” said Wirth. “Improving the air services is extremely crucial to the ski and gaming and business industries, and that I look forward to collaborating with the board and an excellent team to entice more flights to our region.”

Gianoli, who was appointed by Washoe District, is the owner of consulting firm of government relations which represents issues related to legislative concerns. Gianoli has also had the opportunity to serve as a successful financial Analyst Expert for more than a decade in the District of Washoe.

Rose, who was also hired by Reno’s City, serves as CEO of My Community Store. This is an office supply company that provides ways to help contribute to local charities. Also, Rose holds the title of a t.v show called “Plush Life” which features regional events as well as products.

Sferrazza, who likewise was designated to serve on the board by Reno’s City, founded JESSCONVLLC, a state wide organization where she dedicates herself to provide to nearby companies as a consultant. During 2000 through 2012 she served on the City Council board and as liason to the Tahoe and Reno Airport.

Remedies for Ukraine and EU by George Soros

George Soros is an eminent globalist. He is famous for his well-put up arguments on how to bring back stability to fallen Ukraine. George has exploited avenues such as authoring books to convey his opinions to the public. He suggests that restoring Ukraine’s stability is necessary for the greater could. Aside from that, he spearheads two companies and is also a well-renowned pioneer in the financial industry. The following are proposals and amendments George has made efforts to address;

¬ EU should prioritize its crises
George urged EU to work out its problems starting from the most pressing one, which was Ukraine. Advising them to come together and give financial assistance to Ukraine. He suggested that it was impossible for Ukraine to get itself back on its feet due to its large debts. George said that Ukraine just needed a one-time financial boost. He argued that Ukraine’s downfall would also pose a potential threat to Europe at large. It would aggravate Russia’s hostility to Europe.

¬ Ukraine should be awarded a debt relief
The unsuccessful negotiations with IMF to try to give Ukraine financial aid left EU no choice, but to advocate for a debt relief. George Soros Ukraine insisted that failure to that, Ukraine would have no other option, but to default. He continued to explain that defaulting would bring war from other nations on Ukraine’s land. Like Greece and Latin America, Ukraine would also take about two years to recover.

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¬ He cautioned EU of disunity in itself
George told you that it was progressively turning into a debtor’s and creditor’s forum instead of remaining a union. Arguably he suggests that this weakness could result to war on Europe from Russia.

¬ Best Political way to defeat President Putin
George analyzed the instability in Russia and suggests that it is a result of Putin poor implemented policies not US sanctions on it. The rise of a new Ukraine will evoke some will stimulation, which will cause some tension in Russia. George says Ukraine’s success will make Russian citizens demand that Putin emulates Ukraine.

¬ Best Economical way to defeat President Putin

Sanctions balancing and helping Ukraine is the key to beating Putin. George argued that no state was ready for physical war with Russia, but economic sanctuaries would contain Russia although not fully. Putin would use the economic penalties imposed on Russia by the US as an excuse for its poor performance. George goes on to say that Putin’s appeal for Russian Citizens to be patriotic and put up with hardships was how he dodged a revolt from the citizens themselves. 

¬ Winning strategy for Ukraine’s comeback
Apart from financial assistance, George added that with effective economic and political policies Ukraine would turn into a hub for investors. For an economic success, he advocated that the major gas company in Ukraine be rejuvenated and allocate some of its profits to needy homes. The political reforms that he suggested effective for Ukraine were the new establishment of anti-corruption organizations, development of media and well-structured judicial system.

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Sharp Parntners With Qnet to Market Plasma Cluster Ion Air Purifier

Sharp a leading technology company recently partnered with Qnet to market it Plasma Ion Purifier. The Japanese technology company entered into a strategic plan with Qnet of India. They plan to market the product through the e-commerce site. The pilot program plans to offer two models of the Plasma Cluster Ion Air Purifier. One is for indoor use and other for cars.

The product will be sold on Qnet‘s redemption e-store where customers can claim gifts in exchange for points they earned on the site. The air purifier uses an ion technology that generates positive and negative ions that eliminate harmful substances in the air. It eliminates pollen, dust, viruses, mold, dust, gases, and odors. It creates a nice smell indoors or in cars.

Both companies want to offer innovative products that help consumers. Kishalay Ray, President of Consumer Business at Sharp in India says that Qnet has shown innovation in their health and wellness segment. This is the best distribution network for their products. With their help, we will reach an educated shopper that trusts their products and services.

The CEO of the Qnet franchise in India, Suresh Thimiri says that say both companies place importance on innovative and quality products. That is why they complement each other. The Plasma Cluster Ion Air Purifier uses an active system that generates fresh air. The system destroys germs and pollutants and does not use filters like other air purifiers.

It will be a co-branded air purifier called Sharp/Qnet Plasma Cluster Air Purifier. The air purifier is available at Qnet redemption store in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore.