Hot Topic’s New Star Wars Line of Clothing

Hot Topic has offered up a chic new line of clothing inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens to perfectly suit your inner fangirl. Everything you need to know about the apparel can be found. They’ve teamed up with the clothing company “Her Universe” who specialize in this kind of pop culture-related memorabilia which includes Marvel and Doctor Who merchandise to create these outfits inspired by the characters in the film. And the wonderful thing about this is that they come in various sizes that range from XS to 5X so anybody can rock these threads in style. Some of the designs include a Stormtrooper dress, a Rey cardigan, a Finn jacket, a Kylo Ren dress, a Poe dress, a Captain Phasma jacket, and a BB-8 dress; the best part? they all come in sizes XS to 3X.

And if you’re the type who craves fashion in every aspect of the term, then look no further than JustFab; the proprietors of your craving for all things stylish. Their products include shoes, boots, handbags, clothing, and jewelry. And if you’re wanting a look that matches that of some of the top celebrities of today, then “Fabletics” is the clothing line for; designed by Kate Hudson. If you want your kids to roll out in style as well, then try out their “fabkids” line which has everything you need for your boy or girl. Of course JustFab isn’t just for the women and kids; the men can also get in on the action too. With their “FL2” line, men can look their sharpest when it comes to exercising or just being out and about. If you’re intention is to simply look good while feeling good, whether it’s at the gym or beach, then JustFab is the place for you.

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Devos Hires New CEO for The Stow Company

Like many, many others there is a businessman who I have really come to respect. With a current worth of about $4.5 billion, Amway head Dick Devos is one of the richest and most successful businessmen in the world. He is also highly respected almost universally throughout the industry. He and his wife, Betsy Devos, own and control the holding group The Windquest Group.

Owning Windquest means the couple also controls a number of companies and some of the top hotels throughout the country. Most of these businesses and hotels continue to be enormously successful. One of Dick’s most successful is The Stow Company, which has four basic but high quality brands. He recently hired Phil Dolci to serve as the CEO of The Stow Company, the largest home storage and organizational products company in the world.

Dolci will be replacing the retiring former CEO, Frank Newman, who in retirement will continue to sit on The Stow Company’s board of advisors. Dolci is definitely not a newbie. He earned his BA in economics from the University of Chicago and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He then served for the next 23 years in the business industry, several of those years as CEO of Crossman Corporation. He also has experience in various leadership positions at Newell Rubbermaid, ConAgra Foods, Dean Foods, and Kraft Foods. Devos is confident that he has found the perfect company leader to take the reins for Newman, who has led the company for the past four years.
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Gold Is Back And It’s Going To Make Investors Happy In 2016 According

To U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl

The gold rush in California changed the United States in several ways. Gold has a habit of changing people and places. The Incas used it to create an incredible empire, and King Midas wanted it more than life itself. Gold hunters search oceans to find it, and investors come back to it when other investments turn sour. No one knows the history of gold better than Philip Diehl, the president of the U.S. Money Reserve. The U.S. Money Reserve offers investors one-stop shopping when it comes to government-issued gold, silver and platinum coins.

Philip Diehl is a precious coin expert that has served the United States in several key financial roles. Diehl is known as one of the best Directors the U.S. Mint ever had, and when he was chief of staff in the U.S. Treasury, Diehl did an outstanding job handling the day-to-day affairs of that agency. In a recent interview with, Mr. Diehl was asked about the future of the gold market, and what investors can expect in the next 24 months. That interview was an eye-opener for some listeners. Gold is back again, and itÕs going to increase in value faster than any other investment vehicle, according to Diehl.

Diehl has several reason for his proactive stand on investing in gold. A article published to recap the piece explained that gold had a 12-year bull market that ended in 2012, and then the price of gold slid from 2012 to 2015. But 2016 is proving to be another boom year for gold.

A recent article said that gold is gaining credibility again with investors that see the handwriting on the wall. That handwriting is saying the world is on the verge of another epic recession and gold is one of the only investment vehicles that is not affected by economic downturns of the US Money Reserve.

In 2011, gold hit an all-time high of $1,921.17 a troy ounce, and Mr. Diehl believes gold could go higher than that over the next 18 months. Investors that are concerned about inflation, recessions and a dismal stock market are turning to gold and silver and using them as a safety net. But other investors always keep their money in gold. After all, central banks do it and the Chinese are famous for their love of gold. Mr. Diehl thinks the rest of the world should share that love gold this year.

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Darius Fisher and Status Labs Enjoy A Thriving 12 Months

The past twelve months have been very successful ones for the reputation management firm Status Labs. The firm has seen revenues increase, and attained a lot of positive media attention.


“Expansion” is a word that should come to mind most often when discussing Status Labs. The company expanded its staff by a significant number of people. This was due to the increase of the number of top clients who signed on with the firm. One client is being represented pro bono by the firm, a college professor who was caught up in a public media firestorm after a campus protest.


The physical location of the Austin headquarters has moved to the business district of the city, and offices in New York and San Paulo are thriving. Revenues are up huge, and it does not look as if those figures are going to drop any time soon. Status Labs does offer a critical service to those in dire straits reputation wise. The firm is able to do what is required to help fix poor impressions.


Status Labs benefits from the expertise of several advisors who have come aboard to help the company. Consider the arrival of several long-time experts in related fields to be another sign the firm is growing. As demand for services increases, so does the need for personnel to help support the growth and day-to-day operations of the firm. Potential clients should look at the arrival of all advisors and new personnel positively. All of these individuals are there to serve.


The co-founder and president of the company, Darius Fisher, deserves a lot of credit for this success. Darius Fisher runs Status Labs successfully because, thanks to his professional background, he understands the common mistakes people make when they are hoping to preserve their reputation.


Fisher has publicly noted people’s lack of building up an online presence on their own terms opens doors to being redefined once a scandal or other online mishap occurs. In essence, Fisher reveals the online presence ends up being created by the content – unflattering content – others create.
Such a bad situation can still be fixed. Fisher and Status Labs definitely will go to work addressing the problem.