How to Perfect the Kate Middleton Style Formula

Kate Middleton is one of the most iconic fashionistas in the world. Shiny hair. Check. Beautiful jacket. Check. But can you name the seven pieces she uses to perfect her royal look? Marie Claire breaks down her modern royal formula.

7 Items to Build Your Kate Middleton Style
1. Use a belt to show off your waist in your coat, formal gown, daytime short dress, or pantsuit.
2. Pair your jewel toned coat with a belt of course.
3. Once you find a skirt length that works for you, stick with it. Kate has very slender legs, so a just above the knee hemline works best for her while having enough length for a royal. Use one of your longer skirts with rigid fabric to test what works best for you. Using the same skirt will give a baseline for the test. Slowly roll up the skirt and pin it all the way around. Snap a picture and repeat until right before you hit a mini skirt length. Compare the photographs to see what truly works best for your figure.
4. Kate is the epitome of femininity. For formal affairs she embraces the lace dress with full or three-quarter length sleeves.
5. Fascinators are the only hat fit for a British royal. There are few instances outside of the U.K. one can pull off a fascinator, but you can use the styling tips from them. A fascinator is a tailored extension of an outfit and be as sharp and match every point. Apply this concept to your headwear.
6. The perfect and sensible wedge, flat, and pump takes time to wear in to be truly comfortable. If Kate can get the full mile out of her favorite shoes, so can you. Choose styles that will persist through the seasons.
7. The unexpected outfit once in awhile will keep everyone else on their toes. Know what works for you and stick to it, but don’t be afraid to try something new.

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