The Survival Story of Yeonmi Park

In her book, Yeonmi Park bares out her heart and soul about the terrifying ordeal that has been her life. Recounting back that time to NT Times she says that she had no inkling about the meaning of freedom. It was a word and concept unheard of, and refugees from North Korea living all over the world would definitely agree with this sentiment.

The start of Yeonmi Park’s story is in North Korea that she escaped in 2007 (March 31). Crossing the Yalu river at night with her mother, Yeonmi Park battled not just her pursuers but also the frozen weather as she arrived in China. She had no plan on how to go from there, only a belief in herself and a vague idea about the steps to take. This was a 13 year old girl who probably had an inkling about just one thing – this would not be easy for her and her family, and she may not make out of it alive. But she also knew that she would do her very best to protect her family, and for that reason alone, she went on.

Abuse, suicide, and starvation were key elements in her life during that time, and the reason is clear when one reads about Yeonmi Park’s story. People in the United States and other developed countries of the world waste so much of their resources and Yeonmi Park would have given anything to have access to even the most basic of amenities.

In typical North Korean fashion, attempts have been made to discredit her story. The dictators and their stooges have called the details of her account in question but the fact remains – the discrepancies in her story are the reason why it is actually a genuine tale. A story of a rape victim and survivor of such a terrible life always has discrepancies, according to psychologists, because it is a coping mechanism employed by survivors for years.

Now that Yeonmi Park finally has an outlet to share her story on Youtube with the world, refugees and well wishers hope that she will find some peace in educating everyone about the land where the word “freedom” is not even a concept.

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