Marcio Alaor And His Numerous Achievements


Marcio Alaor is a seasoned and successful banker, being the Vice President of Banco BMG. BMG is the one of the largest and most successful banks in Latin America. Mr. Alaor has displayed his exceptional administration skills in the development of strategies that have seen the bank experience exponential growth over the years. He is also a good leader. He leads a team of lean and efficient bankers who work tirelessly to make the bank the national leader in the provision of payroll loans. Mr. Alaor has also been involved in various key milestones that the bank has achieved.


During Marcio Alaor’s tenure, Banco BMG got into a partnership with Banco Itau. This partnership saw the formation of a new bank, Itau BMG Payroll. This bank will operate exclusively in the provision of discounted payroll loans and will allow BMG to continue its operations as it currently is. According to Mr. Alaor, the partnership will see a new segment open up for BMG. He also expressed optimism that the market is huge as the bank will provide finance for employees in private companies.


Marcio Alaor is also quite vocal on economic matters around the world. Mr. Alaor points out Australia as an isolated case in the economic instability that has rocked the world. Data recently released shows that Australia’s economy grew by 2.5% in the third quarter of the year 2015, meaning that the close of the year will see 2015 as the 25th consecutive year that the country has evaded a recession. Marcio Alaor recalls the shrinking of Australia’s economy in the 90s when the world was going through a period of intense volatility

Marcio Alaor, a director at BMG Bank, took a look at the stocks of various automakers. He goes on to point out General Motors as the first company to go public on the stock exchange. GM completed 100 years of its IPO, whose current market value is $53.52 billion. Ford’s IPO took place in 1956 with an equivalent of $600 million, according to Mr. Alaor. Initial Public Offering is a process that sees a private company start trading its shares publicly.


Marcio Alaor describes Jean Claude as an individual who is genuinely enthusiastic of the brand and also as one who is in control of the shares of the company. Jean Claude is the CEO of Tag Heuer, one of the largest watch makers in the world. Tag Heuer recently announced Tom Brady as its new ambassador. According to Marcio Alaor, Tom is one of the most popular athletes in the U.S.

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