The Midas Touch of Kyle Bass

The 2016 market projections indicate that our markets hinge on China’s economic markets. Global markets tend to influence on another, but China’s economy directly impacts the United States the most. With European markets at a crisis level, China has begun it’s downward spiral as well. Banking systems in both areas have outgrown the GDP at an alarming rate. The U.S. market will see significant lows but it should not be the worst we have seen.

Kyle Bass, hedge-fund owner, founded Hayman Capital Management in Dallas, Texas in 2006. Before this career he was a script writer and movie director. He gained notoriety by correctly predicting the mortgage crisis of 2008. This produced very favorable reviews of Bass. He was thought to be some kind of genius market guru.

As time went on, Bass made mistake after mistake in a very public way. When things seemed to head south for him, he made some very sketchy alliances with very unsavory people. He seemed to have a knack for siding with irresponsible and uncouth political and economic players. These alliances were in such bad taste that it subjected Bass to more bad publicity. This did not, however, deter Bass from defending his constituents when there seemed no defense possible. It seemed there was no low too low for Bass.

Argentina’s Kirchner, on of Bass’s favorites, known for causing chaos and stealing from the Argentina people, according to Bass can do no wrong. While everyone else is furious with her actions, Bass champions her, defending her despicable ways. He also made allegations against the deceased victims when General Motors had problems with air bags that did not deploy and steering issues. He publicly stated it was the driver’s error that caused the accidents. He even went so far as to try to pull one over on Congress. This issue was over patents and Congress did see through his clever scheme and denied him any actions he had requested.

How far will Kyle Bass go to make a buck? Why risk his once stellar reputation to line his wallet? Is there anything he won’t do? Hopefully, news and political realms have had enough of his crazy and irresponsible stunts.

The Survival Story of Yeonmi Park

In her book, Yeonmi Park bares out her heart and soul about the terrifying ordeal that has been her life. Recounting back that time to NT Times she says that she had no inkling about the meaning of freedom. It was a word and concept unheard of, and refugees from North Korea living all over the world would definitely agree with this sentiment.

The start of Yeonmi Park’s story is in North Korea that she escaped in 2007 (March 31). Crossing the Yalu river at night with her mother, Yeonmi Park battled not just her pursuers but also the frozen weather as she arrived in China. She had no plan on how to go from there, only a belief in herself and a vague idea about the steps to take. This was a 13 year old girl who probably had an inkling about just one thing – this would not be easy for her and her family, and she may not make out of it alive. But she also knew that she would do her very best to protect her family, and for that reason alone, she went on.

Abuse, suicide, and starvation were key elements in her life during that time, and the reason is clear when one reads about Yeonmi Park’s story. People in the United States and other developed countries of the world waste so much of their resources and Yeonmi Park would have given anything to have access to even the most basic of amenities.

In typical North Korean fashion, attempts have been made to discredit her story. The dictators and their stooges have called the details of her account in question but the fact remains – the discrepancies in her story are the reason why it is actually a genuine tale. A story of a rape victim and survivor of such a terrible life always has discrepancies, according to psychologists, because it is a coping mechanism employed by survivors for years.

Now that Yeonmi Park finally has an outlet to share her story on Youtube with the world, refugees and well wishers hope that she will find some peace in educating everyone about the land where the word “freedom” is not even a concept.

Marcio Alaor And His Numerous Achievements


Marcio Alaor is a seasoned and successful banker, being the Vice President of Banco BMG. BMG is the one of the largest and most successful banks in Latin America. Mr. Alaor has displayed his exceptional administration skills in the development of strategies that have seen the bank experience exponential growth over the years. He is also a good leader. He leads a team of lean and efficient bankers who work tirelessly to make the bank the national leader in the provision of payroll loans. Mr. Alaor has also been involved in various key milestones that the bank has achieved.


During Marcio Alaor’s tenure, Banco BMG got into a partnership with Banco Itau. This partnership saw the formation of a new bank, Itau BMG Payroll. This bank will operate exclusively in the provision of discounted payroll loans and will allow BMG to continue its operations as it currently is. According to Mr. Alaor, the partnership will see a new segment open up for BMG. He also expressed optimism that the market is huge as the bank will provide finance for employees in private companies.


Marcio Alaor is also quite vocal on economic matters around the world. Mr. Alaor points out Australia as an isolated case in the economic instability that has rocked the world. Data recently released shows that Australia’s economy grew by 2.5% in the third quarter of the year 2015, meaning that the close of the year will see 2015 as the 25th consecutive year that the country has evaded a recession. Marcio Alaor recalls the shrinking of Australia’s economy in the 90s when the world was going through a period of intense volatility

Marcio Alaor, a director at BMG Bank, took a look at the stocks of various automakers. He goes on to point out General Motors as the first company to go public on the stock exchange. GM completed 100 years of its IPO, whose current market value is $53.52 billion. Ford’s IPO took place in 1956 with an equivalent of $600 million, according to Mr. Alaor. Initial Public Offering is a process that sees a private company start trading its shares publicly.


Marcio Alaor describes Jean Claude as an individual who is genuinely enthusiastic of the brand and also as one who is in control of the shares of the company. Jean Claude is the CEO of Tag Heuer, one of the largest watch makers in the world. Tag Heuer recently announced Tom Brady as its new ambassador. According to Marcio Alaor, Tom is one of the most popular athletes in the U.S.

White Shark Media’s Constructive Complaints System.

Since its establishment in 20122, White Shark Media has carved out its place in the world of digital marketing. When you build a new firm, it takes lots of time to come up with the best customer service. Therefore, it becomes prudent to interact with clients and encourage feedback.

The firm assists medium and startup companies to come up with efficient search engine marketing strategies. They utilize the cost-effective Google Adwords to provide lasting solutions.

Client feedback comes in the form of complaints and compliments. A smart company knows that both contribute to efficient and responsive customer service. However, the persistent return of complaints indicates a failure to adjust in the long run.

White Shark Media prides itself on being able to balance the two constants and construct a seamless platform for all its operations. They have come up with a list of the most common complaints that are addressed their way.

First, clients can at times encounter hurdles follow up on their Adword campaigns. In this case, customers found it hard to access progress reports. Today, clients receive a regular briefing from designated personnel. With this complaint also comes the issue of ineffective communication. Here, White Shark Media admits that communication is the most important function of a consultancy. When a customer feels the communication is not good enough, it presents a call to action for a company.

Such a complaint also affords the company in question the opportunity to streamline its communication strategies. When this happened at White Shark Media, the firm scheduled monthly status reports prepared by marketing strategists attached to every project. They also acquired a teleconferencing tool that allows all stakeholders to go through the developments.

Also, White Shark Media established direct call systems where a customer can communicate with the overseer of their project. A network of communication between these two parties yields desired results. In other cases, projects in existence may be performing poorly as compared to those deployed previously.

The organization notes that a significant challenge presents itself in trying to impress a new customer with successful ad campaigns. In their practice, they have learned to incorporate the successful elements of existing campaigns. This way, positive results can be guaranteed on a proven formula.

Experience forms an integral part of the formulation and management of campaigns. Therefore, every team has strategists that operate under the supervision of an experienced supervisor. The expertise the supervisor offers gives foresight to the entire process. It also receives the backing of the clients.

Lastly, White Shark Media has realized the need to diversify in knowledge and practice so as to be able to advise clients accordingly. One of the areas they have invested in is the training of staff in Search Engine Optimization and other in-demand services. Their workforce, therefore, remains in tune with the changing client needs.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Are Making Sports Fashion Easily Accessible

Football has become America’s national pastime during the regular playing season, but football lovers wear their favorite team color and favorite player’s number all year long. Americans of all ages want to be part of the game and dressing like a player makes fans feel connected. But one team is taking sports fashion to another level thanks to retail consultant Susan McGalla.

Susan McGalla was named the Steelers Director of Strategic Planning recently, and one of her goals is to make Pittsburgh Steelers fashion the main attraction during the season as well as the rest of the year. Susan McGalla decided to add fashion brands to the Steelers website. She turned the site into a boutique that offers fans names like Victoria Secret, Tommy Bahama, Nike golf, and Pandora jewelry with a Pittsburgh Steelers twist.

Susan McGalla has been in the fashion business for years. She was the president of Pittsburgh-based American Eagle Outfitters, and she got that company into the fashion business. When she moved to Wet Seal as the CEO, she had a chance to study young women’s fashion trends, and Susan McGalla uses that knowledge when she is putting the new Pittsburgh Steelers line together.

As director of strategic planning, McGalla is involved in the behind the scenes decisions that make the Steelers organization a winning team. She is also the CEO of a Pittsburgh retail consulting firm, so she is up-to-date on fashion trends. Her merchandising and buying experience is making this new venture a success, according to insiders in the organization.

The main objective of the website is to give the fans what they want in terms of understandable fashion brands. The website gives fans the opportunity to mix a recognized brands with the Pittsburgh Steelers flair. That flair could be the team’s color combination or a well-placed logo that doesn’t conflict with the original fashion statement.

The Fashion website is being promoted on social networks as well as by word-of-mouth. McGalla says the site is getting a lot of repeat business, and that’s important. Repeat business means the product line is connecting to the fans, and that means they want more than one piece of Pittsburgh Steelers history.

The Healthy Dog Food Market

The chief executive officer of a gourmet food manufacturer was seen cutting into a turkey and chunky chicken recipe. This individual is obsessed about the quality of his food. His company uses only the freshest ingredients and eliminates all preservatives. The greatest part of the food not having preservatives is that it limits the amount of time the food can sit on the shelves. The chief of manufacturing took a piece of the food and put him in his mouth to prove how good it is. The food that is talked about and raved about is dog food. The tasting occurred at the Freshpet manufacturing facility. The Freshpet factory is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. They are the only dog food brand that puts out the only refrigerated dog food on the market. The company is greatly growing in this $23.7 billion dollar industry. The Freshpet pet food brand is winning the hearts of dog owners and cat owners. The executives believe that this next level of dog and cat food will change the industry.  Beneful is one company is that moving towards the healthy pet food trend. Beneful is a dog food brand created by Nestle Purina Petcare. Beneful provides dog owners with healthy wet dog food, dry dog food and healthy dog treats. Beneful is high-quality dog food brand that has a variety of food items. Cranberries, carrots, blueberries and sweet potato can be found in the Beneful dog food. Beneful also features real chicken and real beef. Beneful‘s food provides dogs with vitamin-rich and antioxidant-rich ingredients. Beneful is recommended by 95 percent of its users and has a total of 2,348 reviews. Beneful has an overall 4.7 star rating. Information can be found at: