Kevin Seawright in the Community

Nearly one year ago, Kevin Seawright accepted the position of CFO and Vice President for Newark CEDC. He has worked within the city and with the citizens to ensure that their opportunities are on point with the opportunities that are offered to other citizens in other communities across the United States.

A recent article showed that he began his journey of financial stewardship in Philadelphia. This was the city that he grew up in and continues to think of as his home because it was where he was raised as well as where his career first began. He first worked in the city at the age of 12 with his parents, who did the same type of work. They instilled the financial stewardship values in him that he continued to use throughout his career as he continued to get older and eventually completed college and moved on to the same type of work that his parents did.

After working in Philadelphia, Seawright said on Twitter that he moved to a new opportunity in Baltimore. The opportunity was run by a government agency that allowed him to hone his skills for stewardship. The opportunity also gave him a chance to see the way that another city was able to be helped by his efforts, instead of just focusing on Philadelphia. This opportunity was something that he saw with great hope and he worked to make the community a better place. However, he did not fit in with the government agency and saw more opportunity elsewhere in a privately run financial stewardship situation.

At this point, he moved into the Newark CEDC opportunity. This is an opportunity that led him to great success and allowed him to be able to continue cultivating his skills and his abilities in a way that he had not seen in the other cities that he had worked in. This was an excellent opportunity and he jumped on it. The Newark city was one that had a lot of work for him to do and he was able to accomplish that in the year that he has been there. While the city still has a long way to go, he continues to make improvements in the city and it’s one of the best credits on his LinkedIn.

If Kevin Seawright is an advocate for a single thing, it is education. He has worked with communities that have little to no educational opportunities and has seen what it has done to the community. He wants to make sure that everyone in the community has a chance to be able to get an education and he works to make that a possibility. This is something that he has seen as somewhat of a chance to show others what an education is able to do in comparison to previous generations.

New York City Real Estate; Another Bubble Fixing To Burst???

The real estate industry is one area that the majority of people pay attention to. This is a smart move as the real estate market is a pretty good indication of the economy. This is true whether you are looking at the local, national, or global aspects of the economy. New York, and several other cities around the world, appear to be heading for another real estate bubble burst according to a recent article on Zero Hedge.

This rent article published on Zero Hedge states that NYC real estate market in the city has reached an all time in prices. These rental prices have apparently maxed out the city’s renters’ ability to pay. This evidence is backed by the nine year high of rental vacancies that can also be found throughout the metropolitan area of New York City.

The article also goes on to show which cities, in the United States and across the globe, are potentially headed for real estate bubbles to bust. There were five North American cities on this list. One was in Canada and the other four were in the United States. These cities were Vancouver, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City.

Another graph shown in the article shows the number of concessions agents are giving renters in New York City. These concessions are shown in comparison with the number of rental vacancies throughout the city. It is obvious that leasing agents are doing what they can to get their empty spaces filled.

Potential renters in the New York City have a great many number of real estate agents to choose from to help find their dream homes. This is true whether the potential clients are looking to purchase or rent a property. One of the top leading real estate firms in the city is Town Residential.

Town Residential employs dozens of real estate agents. These agents specialize in all aspects of the city’s real estate industry, including finding rental units. The agents are committed to finding their client’s the best properties for their money.

Although the real estate industry is obviously headed for another bubble bust, in New York City, there is no need to panic. Prices, whether sales or rental, can only go so high before falling back down. This is a normal part of the economy. Obviously the real estate industry, in some areas, is preparing to shift back to a seller’s market.

Small Investors Can Earn Bigger Profits

The world of investing is a complicated network of facts, figures and guess work. Typical investors rely on the advice of seasoned investment companies that do all the legwork. But even when all the legwork is done some investments just don’t produce what was expected of them. Investing is full of risks and rewards, but in order to get the big rewards investors usually have to take some very big risks.

Brad Reifler, the founder of Forefront Capital is trying to change the risk/reward scenario for investors that don’t qualify as hedge fund worthy investors. Reifler has created a trust fund that that is specifically designed for non-accredited investors. The trust is called the Forefront Income Trust, and anyone that has $2,500 to invest can participate in the trust. Reifler likes to call the trust an alternative investment strategy because many of the assets are not typical stocks and bonds.

Mr. Reifler main objective in creating the trust was to give middle-class investors the some of the same advantages as the investors that have millions in hedge funds. Reifler got the idea through a personal investing experience. Reifler invested in a college fund years ago and expected the fund to grow enough when he was ready to use it to educate his children. But the fund didn’t grow. It was worth less than the day he invested in it.

Brad started Forefront Capital so other small investors didn’t go through the agony of losing the money they needed at the time they needed it. That’s also why he’s provided a ton of investment tips over the years too. The Forefront Trust Fund is working. Investors in the trust are making a minimum of 8 percent on the money they invested and that is as good as or better than stock market returns recently. Reifler doesn’t take a commission unless his investors make 8 percent and that is unheard of in the investment industry. Brad Reifler has been called an investment pioneer. Most of the investors in the trust think Brad deserves that title and more.  Brad’s social media tells even more.

Ricardo Guimarães Helps With BMG’s Football Support


One of the biggest investors in national football is the famous BMG bank. They already lead the country in payroll loan modality, but they are continuing to branch out offering bigger and better services to their customers. It all started back in 2008 when Mining Bank started to invest in football. Within two years, BMG followed suit. Atlético-MG, Ricardo Guimarães is the former chairman of Mining Bank. He is helping other banks to share economic rights of the players in the Brazilian Championship. There were, at least, five teams in the initial division that didn’t have a sponsorship contract. They just have pieces of the athletes.

There are more than 50 athletes that are part of the investment fund shares that were created back in 2009. The equity is over $50 million. There are many characteristics that go into the increased amount of growth between the BMG and all the Brazilian clubs. First, the bank gives loans to the teams. The teams can get the cash they need for their expenses. In most cases, the teams have a hard time repaying the loans, so instead BMG will take a piece or interest of the athletes. This means that if they are sold in the future, then the bank will get a portion of the proceeds.

While the teams have capital, they often don’t have money. By entering into a joint partnership with BMG, it is a win-win for all involved. BMG is in the football business, especially when it comes to Soccer BR1. Though they Bench Press have acknowledged the associations, they haven’t released the players who the bank owns a secure interest in.

The owner of BMG is none other than Ricardo Guimarães. Though he won’t speak to the press regarding the banks support of the athletes, the former head Hyssa Moises, who now works in BMG’s investment in football, verified the relationship. He is not really an employee of the bank, but he can tell them as the fund’s advisor that BMG cannot disclose the names of the athletes that they own interest in, only their legal department could do so.

BMG is just one of the investors in Brazilian football. There are other entities also involved. BMG is also involved in American football too. They seem to spread their interest diversely to help wherever possible. This could be why they are one of the biggest and best banks in Brazil.

Capital Restructuring: How Can Madison Street Capital Help?

Many middle-market firms and businesses may occasionally find the need to expand or streamline their business plans. As such, funding these ventures may sometimes pose an issue. Madison Street Capital is a premier financial advising service to assist in these ventures. With a specialized expertise in finding corporate funding sources, Madison Street Capital has ready access to funds through corporate banking, private equity and investors, venture capital funds, and more. Professionals from this specialized investment firm will assess the business and its needs, and from there a plan can be specifically developed and tailored for the upcoming growth plan. Other areas to be addressed in these scenarios may include business valuation, reviewing finance relationships with clients and vendors, and debt restructuring. By appraising all aspects of the business, Madison Street Capital can confirm effective solutions for each business or firm. Additionally, Madison Street Capital has a vast amount of previous experience in corporate financing, including targeted start-up companies and funds for well-established companies alike, and their unbiased third-party reviews of portfolios demonstrate feedback that clients can rely on.

Madison Street Capital itself is a strong global presence and player in the investment firm world. Its main headquarters are based in Chicago, Illinois, but they can also be found overseas as far away as Africa and Asia. The firm focuses on all areas of fiscal knowledge and business capital. Its professional staff stand ready to assist with their dedicated service to customers and the community as a whole and to guide business to successful personal and monetary growth.

CCMP’s CEO Stephen Murray and Investments

In March of 2015, the investment banking world said goodbye to one of the top earners and the top CEOs in the entire industry. Fortune’s Stephen Murray was the CEO of the CCMP Capital company and functioned as such for many years. During his time with the company, he was able to change the way that the investment banking industry worked, made money and helped clients. He was able to lead CCMP in a way that made the company become much better and easier for the clients. He knew that the companies he was helping through CCMP were looking for something more and he was able to give them that. As an investment banker, Stephen Murray changed the way that the investment banking industry did business. Along with the business that he did, he is also remembered for being a philanthropist that helped many different charities throughout his life.

CCMP is an investment firm that firm that works with clients from four different sectors. This is something that allowed the company to rise above others. They are able to service their cliental in the sectors of retail, industrial, healthcare and energy. The customers that the company holds it into one or more of the categories. With the large investments that are made by the company, some of the clients are in more than one of the categories. These customers remain satisfied due to the fact that the company is focused on the success of its clients.

The large variety of clients have made the company one that is a successful one. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital  makes it their top priority to ensure that their clients are successful. They go above and beyond what normal investment equity firms go through for their clients. They have been able to help the clients with all of their investment needs and have done so as a result of their success. The success that they have given their clients have been the major factor to ensuring that they have their own success. Instead of focusing on their own success first, focusing on the success of the customers first has allowed them to become one of the top capital firms in the investment industry.

With over 16 million dollars that has been used to invest in clients and potential customers, the CCMP Capital has worked with some of the biggest and best companies in each of the sectors. They have been able to provide investment opportunities to each of their clients. Without the investments that were provided by CCMP Capital, the clients would not have been able to reach the full potential that eventually determined the success that they would have in each of their own type of sector.

Coriant’ Brand New CEO, Kheradpir

Coriant is a technological company that is relatively new, having been founded in 2013. The first chief executive officer of the company was Mr. Pat DiPietro. Marlin Equity Partners was the sole financier of Coriant, and still is to this today. Just a few months ago, Shaygan Kheradpir was announced as the new chief executive officer of Coriant after Mr. Pat DiPietro said that he would be stepping down to allow Mr. Kheradpir to take over the reigns because he might be able to perform at a higher level compare to Mr. DiPietro. Shaygan Kheradpir has lots of experience in technological managerial and developing positions.

Coriant was founded as a mix between subsidiaries of Nokia, Sycamore Networks, and Tellabs. These companies already had great technological systems, network systems, and other means of information technology that when all meshed together, guaranteed to make one of the most impressive technological-based companies in the United States.

Shaygan Kheradpir was selected for the job for two main reasons. Mr. Kheradpir had already been involved with Marlin Equity Partners as the operating executive, and he had lots of experience with other technological companies, so Shaygan Kheradpir was pretty much the perfect fit to succeed Mr. Pat DiPietro as the next chief executive officer.

Shaygan Kheradpir went to college at Cornell University, one of the best colleges in the world. Although Mr. Kheradpir had grown up in Iran, he knew that the best schools were able to be found in the United States. Shaygan Kheradpir earned a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degree from this college in electrical engineering, which happens to be a very difficult discipline to master. After finally graduating college after spending a long amount of time in various higher education programs, Mr. Kheradpir went on to work for GTE Laboratories.

A few years after Mr. Kheradpir started working for GTE Labs, they acquired another company and became known as Verizon Communications. Shaygan Kheradpir was responsible for many of the improvements that came as a part of the online business division that Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir was so deeply intwined in and involved with.