Beneful Brands And The Benefits These Brands Provide

All of the Beneful brands that are on the market seem to provide a special type of thing for dogs. When I was a kid I just thought that dogs ate dog food and that was it. I never considered anything like how a dog would need different types of foods in order to be healthy or grow. That is why the Beneful brand has become so important. There are several brands within the Beneful family that I have experience with, and much of this has to do with the fact that I have been to so many dogs.

I have puppies, and I always have been a fan of the Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies. The name in the packaging tells you everything that you need to know. This is the classic example of a dog food brand that gives you the ingredients that are pertinent to small dogs and their growth into bigger healthier dogs. I read about the different ingredients, and I am glad that this Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies has the calcium rich food that is needed for growth. Many people are fans of this type of food because it gives you access to a brand that is supporting muscle growth for puppies. It is very important at this stage and the chewy chunks from this food have always been a hit with my dogs.

Another brand from the Beneful Facebook family that seems to be enticing to my bigger dogs is the Purina Beneful Healthy Weight Dog Food. My dogs are particularly fond of the chicken and rice flavors. This is the type of dog food that has become a hit at home because I have 2 adult dogs that were starting to get a little out of shape. I found that they were not eating right, but this dog food has fewer calories than a lot of the other brands out there.

I could also recommend the Incredibites Adult Dog Food because it is also a favorite among my dogs. I like the combination of vegetables and meats that are found with this brand. It has become something of a staple in the dog food world for many consumers.

All of these brands are dry, but my dogs are also fans of the Beneful Prepared Meals that are wet. This is dog food that I will give them as a treat once a week.


Who is the Founder of the Computer Science Corporation – a Deeper Look

As the founder of the Computer Sciences Corporation, historically one of the world’s most successful tech companies, Eric Pulier has made his mark on the Silicon Valley tech world in a very earth-shattering and momentous way. Dedicating his entire life to the development of his string of enormously successful startup companies, as well as his multi-year tenure at several different venture capital firms, he has made himself not only a millionaire hundreds of times over, he is also known as a man who has made his associates very wealthy as well.

Beginning his career at Harvard, he developed a profound and deeply rooted expertise in writing philosophy. He transferred that expertise into Harvard’s popular school newspaper, the Harvard Crimson. With his position editor-in-chief of his school newspaper, not only did he write for the newspaper every week, he was constantly challenged to evaluate and reevaluate his thoughts before he revealed them on a public platform for the of the world to see. This gave him the confidence and understanding of human behavior that he needed to both run his chain of successful startups as well as write his first book, which was extremely successful, especially within the upper echelons of the CEO crowd as well as founders in the startup community. His work is considered to be the Bible of what it takes to succeed in the world of business and how to get there.

After the release his masterpiece book, venture capitalists from all over the world came looking to draft him and his profound expertise for their own firms. When they hired him and made him a partner, he invested in multiple companies that started very small and grew to be enormously profitable enterprises that yield a lot of money for him and his company as well.

With all of the success that he has achieved, it is amazing that he continues to make powerful strides in the world of philanthropy. From developing software that enables kids to better their quality of life, he has made his mark on the world in a very profound way. He is also donated millions of dollars to several charities and organizations, not to mention the fact that he is on board of two very prestigious charities, of one of them even have multi-billionaires on the board, including Arianna Huffington and Elon Musk.

Handy For True Home Flexibility

When you think about the average schedule in your mind about what you do in a given week, you might have a pretty good idea of what is done in general. Then, when you actually go back and think about what actually happened, it starts to be a more chaotic schedule after all. You may have only planned to do a little bit of stuff on the side with respect to activities, trips to the store, and etc., but as most people will agree, life truly comes out of nowhere sometimes.

Handy is a way to help anyone with their general chores, upkeep, projects, and maintenance alike. It is a great new app that more and more people are starting to jump into, and in no time at all you are seeing how Handy is able to make anyone’s life complete. Think about the schedule that you try to follow in a given week and then think about how difficult it can be just to go to work and do the bare minimum some days. When life throws you lemons, how are you supposed to take care of everything and then do interior woodworking, taking care of a busted window, or doing the full interior cleaning up before company comes over?

The fact of the matter is, Handy truly does fill the void. There isn’t enough time to get everything done that you would like, but when it comes to finding the help that will, Handy bridges that gap. Not only are you able to find the right people who can help you, but they are literally there with a click of a few buttons. You no longer have to wonder just when or if you will find a professional and another set of arms to help you, because Handy is able to provide you with the professional experts who can be there for you in no time at all. The app makes the whole entire process as easy as can be, and within minutes you could be set up with your own account and looking for the people who will help you get your life back in order as well.

Handy truly is a revolutionary idea, and it’s almost a surprise that is has taken so long to catch on. That being said, now that it is catching on people are going nuts over it. People everywhere are starting to not only hear about Handy, but also be able to subscribe as well. The fact of the matter is there are more than enough individuals who understand an extra set of hands even a few times here and there can mean all of the difference in the world over a few weeks and months. Plus, with their convenience of simply selecting people to come help you when you need the help, you can literally have an extra hand on whenever you need it.

If you are looking for the flexibility that you need by having the help that is important to you when you need it, check out Handy today.

Nobilis Healthcare Poised for Growth

Nobilis Healthcare seems as if it is going to come out ahead amidst all of the turmoil that has recently afflicted the stock markets. The company owns and operates surgical centers throughout the United States. Besides enjoying strong organic growth year after year the company also make great use of aggressive, well-timed acquisitions. The company recently purchased First Nobilis Hospital for nearly $8 million cash according to googlefinance, it then went on to acquire a majority stake in Freedom Pain Hospital this past September for $3.2 million. However, due to its acquisitions the company according to cantechletter has currently also taken on debt at a relatively high cost, but it is working quickly to lower that cost as much as possible. During April of this year the company also finalized $25 million in financing from GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services. This influx of cash will serve to greatly improve their bottom line. The cash will primarily be used to promote growth, provide working capital, and to rid the company of some of its longstanding debt, most importantly a $12 million note from when Nobilis purchased Athas Health last December. This capital also helps to significantly reduce Nobilis Health’s overall borrowing costs, which were at a staggering 9.6%, and help to provide a more streamlined approach to its finances. Thanks to this newly infused capital the Nobilis Health’s borrowing cost were more than halved, as low as 4.71% earlier this year. This will help the company be able to pursue growth opportunities much quicker than before. By creating this relationship with GE Capital the company is setting itself to be able to continue its growth for the foreseeable future. The loan consisted of a $20 million term loan as well as a revolving loan which would serve to provide working capital to the healthcare company. With an aging population and the widespread prevalence of obesity it does not seem as if the need for surgery will be slowing down anytime soon. This is great news for Nobilis as the increasing amount of surgeries being performed around the country help to boost its profits. Thanks to the significant growth and reduction of costs being experienced by the company many analysts are rating this stock a buy. In a report from Mackie Research Capital that details stocks that are set to grow the most coming in to Q4 Russell Stanley places Nobilis at the top of his list. The analyst is calling for a one year price target of $12.50 which would come as a result of a 72% return. The company has seen significant rallies since its first year going public. At one point it was up over 375% from its Year 1 high price. With recent growth analysts at Zacks have also named the firm a buy with at least one analyst rating it a strong buy.

Villanova Grad’s Love for Lacrosse and His New Environment Campaign

He is an entrepreneur and a former lacrosse professional athlete. He is also the director of the privately owned company, Ellipse USA and Co-Founder of the Next Level Lacrosse Camps. The Colorado based camp, regularly holds annual events to impact knowledge to budding lacrosse players across the state.

At Ellipse USA, Jon Urbana oversees business development and marketing programs for the company’s laser and IPL technologies. Since its establishment in 1997, Ellipse has built an international reputation for developing impeccable laser and Intense Pulsed Light technology. These devices are used in hair, vascular and pigmented lesion removal as well as treatment of acne and sun-damaged skin and other conditions.

Jon is delighted to be at the forefront of social media, using Facebook and an active Twitter moniker to spread the fast growing game of lacrosse. In 2013, the governing body in charge of men’s and women’s lacrosse in the nation, US Lacrosse estimated the number of athletes who played lacrosse to be in the region of 750,000. The Next Level Lacrosse Camp was founded by Urbana in 2011 as a premier lacrosse organization of choice for Colorado youths. Jon’s core duty at the Next Level Lacrosse Camp is train Colorado athletes on various lacrosse skills and personalized guidance regarding best gaming practices and techniques, where he’s posted a contact form at a personal website he maintains.

During his college years (see some TBT pics on Instagram), Jon was a prominent player for the Villanova Wildcats. Some of the awards, he won previously won as player includes the CAA Defensive Player of the year and a mention in the prestigious Tewaaraton Award Watch list.

Jon Urbana graduated from Villanova University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics. He also holds an Airmen Certification from the Federal Aviation Administration and is an active member of the Executives and Business Leaders Network. He writes on WordPress and uploads some nice videos when he has time. Here’s our favorite:

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Urbana is currently running a new GoFundMe fundraiser with an ambitious goal to raise funds to support the environmental advocacy group, Earth Force Inc. The organization’s core activities include mobilizing youths to become activists and active participants in various environmental improvement causes. is today a leading online, crowd funding resource that offers several advantages, including; provision of mobile friendly campaign platforms and fair policies on running campaigns.