Image Recognition Technology And The Future Of Retail

Image Recognition Technology Defined

Image recognition tech is an emerging type of technology that seeks to identify people, places, logos, buildings, objects and anything else that consumers or business might find of value. It is becoming popular on tablets and smartphones, because they are equipped with cameras. Mobile companies have been pushing the technology for awhile now, but it has recently begun making huge strides. The first run of the tech on phones and tablets was mostly industrial technology, and the tech is now being applied to consumer applications. Landmarks, logos, labels on beverages, cars, product labels and book covers can be identified by a phone’s application that accesses image software for product recognition in the cloud. The technology can now turn a photo of a product, person or place into a link to something else online such as videos, other pictures, services, or online shopping stores. Image recognition technology can also be used to start searches. Companies like Google and Amazon have been investing heavily in the technology, while companies like Slyce have revolutionized the way people are shopping online.

Image Recognition Technology And Retailers

The capability to visually search for products is going to make a gigantic impact on retailers and consumers very soon, especially in retail. It is a very appealing idea to consumers to be able to take a picture of something that they like out in public and be directed immediately to where they can buy it. A person out at a restaurant or bar can see something nice or appealing like shoes or a coat, take a picture and be matched with outlets that can show them the lowest price to purchase the product or similar products. There are several applications available on phones and tablets offering the service, and there are several tech companies that are trying to pair up with retailers. Unfortunately, most of the results are mixed, and it has been a luck of the draw to find anything that works well. One company is getting it right, and that’s the good news.

Slyce’s Image Recognition Technology

The informational technology company known as Slyce has been one of the visual search tech companies to get this right. The company was founded in 2012, and the technology was announced and took flight in early 2013. Slyce doesn’t have a mobile application for consumers, but it does pair up with retailers. The reason Slyce pairs up with retailers is to offer them the cutting edge technology without having to spend a ton of money on marketing and advertising to consumers. The strategy has been working for Slyce, and their technology is working even better for retailers. Slyce is set to take over the image recognition field with their superior product by going straight to retailers.

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