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Broadway is a place that’s well-known for the different plays that it puts on, and only the best of the best act on Broadway. Although Broadway does test out some new stars in order to see if they are good enough to stick around, Broadway is definitely a place for the stars. Many people aspire to work on Broadway, and those who make it to star in a Broadway show have come very far. Anyone who is looking to move to New York City in order to work on Broadway, or if they’ve already been recruited to work on Broadway, then they’ll need a place to stay. NYC apartments for rent has a lot of places to offer those who are moving there, but you have to work with the right real estate agency.

If someone is moving to New York City because they have to work on a Broadway show, then they are going to need a place that is close by the Broadway location. Not only do they want to be close to work, but they’ll need access to public transportation, or if they have their own transportation, then valet parking wouldn’t be bad either. Someone who works on Broadway will need as much help as they can get, especially when they come home in the evening. It would be nice for this person to have a concierge at the front desk, just in case they have any questions when they go in and out of the building.

A Broadway worker will also need a great place that has all the amenities that will make them comfortable while they work very long days. Someone who intends on acting in a Broadway play can end up working 12 hours or more each day, just so they can get their part right. If someone has to work so many hours in a day, then they’ll want to come home to a comfortable place, especially one that has all the amenities they need. It’s possible for anyone who is moving to New York City to get a great place, especially if they call Town Real Estate.

You know that you’re going to be working almost every day of the week, and you want an amazing home to come home to at night, so call Town Real Estate to help you find that home. Not only does Town Real Estate deal with homes that are in the heart of New York City, but it’s not impossible for you to find a home right next to where you’re going to work. Achieving a part in a Broadway show is definitely a big achievement, so make sure you take care of all your needs outside of work by getting a great home from Town Real Estate.

Important Important Information To Know About Fersen Lamas Lambranho

Historically, Brazil is well known country on earth because of her rapid growth in economy. Many global well known business men have been discover to come from Brazil. This has mostly contributed to her metropolitan grown and expansion of infrastructure. Many engineers and entrepreneurs have been realized to be their home origin is Brazil. Focusing on to a well-known and rapidly economic growing city in Brazil called Rio de Janeiro, you will find out that Fersen Lamas Lambranho was born in Brazil and his achievement lead to establishment of many enterprises and organization in Brazil.

Fersen Lambranho

Fersen Lamas Lambranho was born on October 11th 1961 in the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Mr Fersen is an engineer and entrepreneur by profession. He graduated from the university of Federal do Rio de Janeiro where graduated with a bachelor’s in Civil engineering. He also holds a degree in Business Administration. He went ahead to Harvard School of Business where he completed his Owner President Management Program.
Mr Fersen started his career at Lojas American firm where he worked for twelve years as a CEO. He later joined GP Investment firm from 1998. In the following year, he became the managing director in the same firm. After four years, Mr Fersen Lamas and his partnership Antonio Bonchristiano assumed the leadership after achieving their ultimate goal.

Fersen Lambranho

In the year 2004, Fersen and his partnership Mr Antonio, they got one of their achievements by finishing the acquisition of effectiveness in controlling the firm by 100% whereby later on the firm expanded its investments and activities to infrastructure and real estates.

Fersen Lambranho

He is currently a chairperson of Board of Magnesita. He has also served as chairman of Board of Oi, ABC Supermercados, Contax and Gafisa. Mr Fersen has also been serving in the board of BRZ Investmentos, Centauro and GP Advisers. His perfection in leadership made him to be a man to go for whenever organizations want to strike the top notch in offering services.

He previously managed to serve in the board of San Antonio, Shoptime, Farmasa, BR Mall, Tele Norte Leste Participações, Estácio, PlayCenter, and BR Properties. He has been also serving in several non-profit generating organizations such as Fundação Bienal de São Paulo e COPPEAD-UFRJ. His good name has earned him a lot.

Entrepreneurship is the Lifeblood of Growth


Entrepreneurs are essential in any economy because they provide the innovation and drive that a country needs to grow organically. Nowhere is the impact of entrepreneurs more apparent than within Silicon Valley in the United States. Silicon Valley has been an incubator for start ups from Facebook to Google and countless others (Apple calls Silicon Valley home as well). But if you rewind the story from the mature company stage you will find that the beating heart of innovation can be found in one or more entrepreneurs that have a good idea and the desire to put in the sweat equity to make it a reality.

Marc Sparks is just one example of such an entrepreneur. He currently is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Director at Unistar Financial Service Corporation. As if that wasn’t enough he also serves as a Executive Member on the Compensation Committee. Marc Sparks is a well known entrepreneur in the insurance field. He has founded and led several insurance related corporations that he also owns so he is well aware of what it takes to be competitive in a very crowded, cut throat space like insurance. One of the other big aspects that almost all entrepreneurs have is a diversified stable of talents beyond just one field. They need to be a jack of all trades in many case and Mr. Sparks has that quality in spades as he brings extensive experience to the table in fields such as surety bonding, premium finance, and even investment banking to name a few areas. 

In the past few years, Marc Sparks has been busy managing a litany of different entities that he also owns. A property and casualty insurance companies, multi-location insurance agencies and a nationally recognized surety bonding agency are just a few examples of entities that Mr. Sparks is involved with. You can clearly see the diverse type of portfolio that Mr. Sparks manages which plays to the diverse talent that he exudes. 

Despite the stereotype that entrepreneurs thumb their nose at education and getting credentials, the opposite is true more often than not. Again to use him as an example, Marc Sparks debunks this stereotype. He holds a laundry list of licenses from the Texas Department of Insurance. The certification is as a Managing General Agent, Local Recording Agent and Surplus Lines Agent. The cherry on top is that he also has a Texas Premium Finance license. Of course it goes without saying that Mr. Sparks is certified by the Texas Department of Insurance to own and operate property and casualty insurance companies in Texas.

Marc Sparks is just one example, albeit a glowing one, of what an American entrepreneur looks like. They are passionate, strong leaders of innovation who make the American economy what it is in aggregate and over time. These entrepreneurs need to celebrated, nutured and encouraged.

Joseph Bismark and Health and Well Being in the Workplace


Having studied Buddhism from the ages of 7-19 years old, Joseph Bismark has a solid background in respect and mutual agreement among people. He has established a way to gain rapport through active listening and respect for the entrepreneurship of his own people in his company. 

He empowers people psychologically to make their own decisions, and spearhead their own sectors of the company in entrepreneurial roles within the larger company. Individuals feel empowered because they have all of the information and leeway that they need to be independent problem solvers.

Heath and the health of the community also plays an important role in this company’s umbrella. There is an entire branch of the company dedicated to helping the community in whatever ways seem reasonable. Helping people in general, and empowering them, has been a crucial strength of Qnet for years.

Bismark founded Qnet after he had branched of from his previous engagement the Qi group, which he also co-founded. He has used his Buddhist knowledge of mutual respect and agreement to bring wild success to his companies. Each person feel psychologically fulfilled, and is well informed through appropriate communication practies, to have the most ability to do the most important things that can have the most positive outcome, in a certain amount of time.

The goal of the workday is now to make connections, decisions, and feel spiritually fulfilled as each employee has the most positive and powerful impact that they can on themselves, their peers, clients, and the community on a daily basis. In this way, this positive psychological viewpoint is shared and adopted. This has been the strength of this company, and the cornerstone of Joseph Bismark’s success as an entrepreneur.

This article was based entirely on a similar article from the wordpress blog Left Handed Right Mind.