Marc Sparks Turns An Office Into A World of Pure Imagination

For over ten years Marc Sparks’ serial entrepreneurial expertise has paid off. Now, it looks like he has done it again. He has taken his original entrepreneurial enterprise and transformed them into something new and exciting.

When you begin anything new, it takes effort and planning. You can’t just jump in and it’ll be done. According to Marc, “You need a plan and the resources to back it up.”

His newest creation just happens to be Timber Creek Capital, LP. When asked about his philosophy for success, Marc has a few choice words.

“When you look at the conducive and collaborative efforts, as whole, these two define success with no less then 25%. More people are going to feel inspired to put out their best work, when they are working in a fluid work space.”

Let’s take a look at two examples. You have one where your employees are working in small cubicles in an enclosed warehouse. The second option is, people working in an open space. These workers have open windows and they can see lots of people. The air is crisp and clean. The city and the sky are the limits. Which one would a person prefer to work in?

This is what Marc tries to get across on a daily basis, especially with his innovative ideas. In order to be a success, people have to feel inspired. People need to work in a place where they feel inspired. This won’t happen in a warehouse. His new book outlines these ideas and more. His new book defines what it means to work through your success and embrace the failures.

Marc believes that each of us spend more then half of our waking life at work. This may or may not be true. Either way, he does have a point. It’s bad business to stagnate the growth of the employees. Which is why providing an innovative place to work is key.

Timber Creek isn’t just about transforming old into new. It’s about building on 35 years as an entrepreneur. Marc helps lots of businesses on a regular basis. Which is why he so proud of Timber. He feels so many can benefit from his success and learn from his failures.

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