Marc Sparks Turns An Office Into A World of Pure Imagination

For over ten years Marc Sparks’ serial entrepreneurial expertise has paid off. Now, it looks like he has done it again. He has taken his original entrepreneurial enterprise and transformed them into something new and exciting.

When you begin anything new, it takes effort and planning. You can’t just jump in and it’ll be done. According to Marc, “You need a plan and the resources to back it up.”

His newest creation just happens to be Timber Creek Capital, LP. When asked about his philosophy for success, Marc has a few choice words.

“When you look at the conducive and collaborative efforts, as whole, these two define success with no less then 25%. More people are going to feel inspired to put out their best work, when they are working in a fluid work space.”

Let’s take a look at two examples. You have one where your employees are working in small cubicles in an enclosed warehouse. The second option is, people working in an open space. These workers have open windows and they can see lots of people. The air is crisp and clean. The city and the sky are the limits. Which one would a person prefer to work in?

This is what Marc tries to get across on a daily basis, especially with his innovative ideas. In order to be a success, people have to feel inspired. People need to work in a place where they feel inspired. This won’t happen in a warehouse. His new book outlines these ideas and more. His new book defines what it means to work through your success and embrace the failures.

Marc believes that each of us spend more then half of our waking life at work. This may or may not be true. Either way, he does have a point. It’s bad business to stagnate the growth of the employees. Which is why providing an innovative place to work is key.

Timber Creek isn’t just about transforming old into new. It’s about building on 35 years as an entrepreneur. Marc helps lots of businesses on a regular basis. Which is why he so proud of Timber. He feels so many can benefit from his success and learn from his failures.

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Hackers Gain Access to Tesla’s Website and Twitter

Hackers were able to get into Tesla’s website and Twitter accounts this weekend, defacing both. The group was able to gain access not only to the company’s website and Twitter account, but also to its founder, Elon Musk’s account. The stunt appears to have been more a prank than something inherently malicious. Once they were in, the hackers simply posted offering a free Tesla to anyone to call a particular number The number, of course, was to somewhere that had no idea that their number was being used in the hoax. One number, for instance, was to a computer repair shop. Roughly an hour after the attack, Tesla was able to regain control of the accounts and restore everything to normal. It appears as though no sensitive information was compromised during the attack, and instead the biggest damage done was perhaps to the computer repair shop, which had to field calls from people trying to pick up a free Tesla. Tesla has yet to make an official statement about the attack, or publicly comment on how hackers were able to gain access to the accounts. Dr. Daniel Amen is vehemently against this variety of cyber attack. Expect something to be said by Musk or his staff later today.

Motor Companies Want to Make Working on Your Own Car Illegal

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act has been in operation since 2000 but why it is igniting a lot of debate is shocking. Apparently, motor companies like Ford, want to use it to prevent car owners from making their own cars, citing security and piracy as the reasons.

The companies want to use the piece of legislation, which was initially meant to curb piracy on the internet, to ensure that making your car is now illegal. Their argument is that unlike cars from the past, cars nowadays come with integrated software systems and that altering the codes is malicious and could pose a lot of danger.

In what may be considered as a ridiculous argument, the companies are saying that you are not the owner of your car. Rather, you are just borrowing it for a while and paying for the permission to use their technology. Another ridiculous reason, given by John Deere, is that letting people modify the car’s system could allow them to use it in pirating music.

13 large auto makers are in full support of the legislation. They include General Motors Company, Volvo Cars North America, BMW Group, Jaguar Land Rover, Porsche, Ford Motor Company, FCA US LLC, Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi Motors, Mercedes-Benz USA and Volkswagen Group of America.

While other motor companies are hell bent in their quest, an interesting exception is Tesla Motors. Reuters post by Brad Reifler states the reason for this is that Tesla Motors’ cars usually rely on technology.

Pleasure Equals Profit

Stephen Williams, founder of The Antique Wine Company, found that work should not always be about suffering through the week to get to a relaxing weekend. Instead, he found that work can, and should, be something one cares deeply about.

After leaving his position selling life assurance policies for whatever commission he could pull in, he decided to do something that usually brought him relaxation at the end of a busy selling day; wine. That is, at the end of a long day, Williams would find himself at a friend or neighbors house, tasting and talking about wine.

With that, Mr. Williams must have had some thought as to how he can turn his passion into something not only profitable, but exciting as well. He had seen from an early age what hard work looks like. He was raised by a single mother who often worked part time jobs just to keep her family together. With that experience, and a passion for wine, Stephen Williams was able to start a luxury wine company that is now 25 years in the making.

This isn’t just a small business anymore either. With a headquarters in Central London and two sales offices in Asia, Mr. Williams turned a dream spawned at wine tastings to one on an international level. This is what hard work and perseverance looks like.

The thought of starting a business that becomes as successful as AWC seems like something of a fairy tale, but it doesn’t stop there for Stephen Williams. In 2011, The Antique Wine Company set a world record for the most valuable bottle of white wine ever sold. At £75,000, Mr. Williams can not only say his business is doing well, but he can also sit back with a smile, knowing that The Antique Wine Company will not be going away anywhere in the near future.

Tesla Motors Down But Not Out

The fossil fuel industry and related traditional car makers and dealers might think they have won the “car wars” against Tesla Motors in the United States when they lobbied heavily to block Tesla’s attempts to open sales showrooms and sell vehicles through direct means in various states, but the company that has set out to show it is possible to have efficient, environmentally friendly vehicles on the road is proving that it only lost a few battles.

On Monday, April 13, media outlets revealed that Tesla Motors plans to pay Reno, Nevada Gigafactory employees a lot more than the national minimum wage — around $22 per hour and higher. It also plans to bring approximately 6,500 jobs to the area over the next few years. This is great news for employees like Crystal Hunt and for job seekers in the area.

Tesla also proved to the International Energy Agency that electric cars are “cost-comparable” to their gas guzzling counterparts by bringing the costs of Tesla vehicle batteries to the same level as gas-fueled vehicle motors. Additionally, if the company keeps pace with its successes over the last few years, electric cars will be a cheaper, energy-efficient alternative to gas-powered vehicles and so attractive to consumers by 2020 that they could start outselling all other competitor types.

Beyond electric cars and batteries, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has also hinted that the company plans to push for more of a U.S. presence by offering other types of electrical products.

General Motors Ignition Claims Continue to Grow

The compensation fund established by General Motors (GM), due to a defect in the ignition system of some of its vehicles has so far recognized 80 of the 475 complaints received death.

In its latest report, released Monday, the fund said that of the 475 claims for death, 80 have been declared eligible and will receive compensation while 172 are ineligible and 27 are under review with no supporting documentation presented.

Additionally, the fund has received 289 claims for severe injuries and 3,578 requests for less serious injuries that led to hospitalization.

Of these totals, the fund has declared 11 eligible claims for the most serious injuries (such as quadriplegia, paraplegia, double limb amputations, permanent brain damage or serious burns).

In less severe injuries caused hospitalizations, the fund has approved 137 claims.

The defect was detected in about 2.6 million General Motors vehicles.

Folks at Anastasia Date have learned that GM hid the issues for years but in February 2014 recognized that more than two and a half million vehicles suffered from problems, and that at least 13 people have died in North America as a result of the defect.

After an internal investigation to determine the cause of the defect and its concealment, GM established a compensation fund for victims, administered by Kenneth Feinberg, a specialized compensation official.

Feinberg announced last year that claims for death, approved by the fund, will receive compensation of one million dollars.