BBC to Fire Clarkson

A BBC internal investigation found that 54-year-old Jeremy Clarkson did attack a producer of the show Top Gear, Oisin Tymon, after he was told that their hotel, the Simonstone Hall hotel, could not serve him steak and chips because it was no longer serving hot food for the day. The BBC originally reported the event as a “fracas” between Clarkson and Tymon, but the investigation revealed that Clarkson verbally attacked Tymon for almost 20 minutes and then physically attacked him.

Fans of the show are happy to have learned that Top Gear will not be permanently removed from BBC2 because of this incident although that was one of the changes under consideration after the current season’s final episodes were pulled from the programming schedule. Insiders now claim that the host of Radio 2 Breakfast Show, Chris Evans, may take over Clarkson’s role on Top Gear if the lawyers can approve his appointment.

BBC’s Director General, Lord Hall, will not be firing Clarkson without recognizing his many years of hard work on the show and thanking him for helping to make Top Gear as popular as it has become. The incident has merely been the last straw after Clarkson had been previously warned for similar behavior, such as using discriminatory and racist language in Top Gear episodes, over a dozen times.

It is unknown if James May and Richard Hammond will decide to stay on the show or leave with Clarkson.

Toyota Recalling RAV4 EV for Repairs

Toyota, which built about 2,500 electric vehicles in three years with Tesla Motors is recalling the RAV4 EV to repair components supplied by Tesla.

A software defect in the propulsion system of the RAV4 EV can cause the vehicle to shift into neutral, resulting in a total loss of driving power and increases the risk of an accident, according to a statement posted on the site Web of Toyota United States.

Tesla supplies components to Toyota dealers for repair, said Cindy Knight, a Toyota spokesman from what Marc Sparks was telling us. According to Toyota, the RAV4 EV was included in the withdrawal of 112,500 vehicles.

Toyota does not discuss supplier relations in the context of recalls of products or details of costs, she added.

The RAV4 EV program ended last year when Toyota and respective chief executives of Tesla, Elon Musk and Akio Toyoda decided to go their separate ways to produce zero-emission vehicles roads.

Toyota began assembling its hydrogen engine in the new Mirai , the fuel cell vehicle in Japan, in December, while Tesla is preparing for the introduction of its SUV plug-in Model X to sell along with its sedan model S.

Elon Musk, 43, is one of the most prominent people that envision vehicles powered by hydrogen and backed by Toyota skeptics.

Musk made disparaging comments in a press conference last January in Detroit, and has called fuel cells as “dumb cells.”

“I think this is not elegant,” said Yoshimi Inaba, chief executive of the US unit sales of Toyota, regarding comments made by Musk.

The agreement to build RAV4 EV together was part of a broader partnership between Toyota and Tesla, which began in May 2010, before the Tesla were earning praise for the Model S .

Toyota invested $ 50 million in Tesla and sold the factory (it closed in California) to the company for about $ 42 million. Work on the RAV4 EV began months later.

Toyota said in October it began to reduce its stake in Tesla but declined to discuss details about the size or timing of the sale.

Bruce Levenson: Investing in the Next Generation of Philanthropists


Today, many people recognize Bruce Levenson’s name as the co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks and as someone who has contributed significantly to the business world as a co-founder of United Communications Group. His investments encompass far more than commercial concerns, however.

Together with Karen Levenson, he has made a commitment to change the world of philanthropy itself in a significant way, by placing a new focus on the manner in which the next generation of nonprofit leaders will conduct the activities of philanthropic organizations. This important shift in emphasis promises to continue impacting the world of charitable giving for many, many years. It represents a significant and important shift in thinking about the ways to enhance society, a process change. The story of how this far-sighted mindset came about will interest many people.

From One Donation, a Cascade of Contributions

Bruce Levenson did not begin his philanthropic activities operating on such a large scale. Instead, for many years both Bruce and Karen Levenson themselves contributed time and funds to improve a variety of causes. For example, Mr. Levenson donated money to build and operate the U. S. Holocaust Museum. His generosity towards that institution earned him the honor of being considered a founding donor. And both Bruce and Karen offered their own time and effort on behalf of numerous other worthy causes as well.

A few years ago, Bruce Levenson expanded the process of giving a step further by investing in the education of children. He established a private foundation (called the SEED Foundation) that furnishes money to offer excellent private boarding school educations to under-served children, youngsters who would otherwise never enjopy the opportunity to attend top ranked programs at a formative age. Many wealthy families send their offspring to these types of exclusive academic institutions. Mr. Levenson’s idea to send gifted but financially challenged children into these venues to some extent broadened the scope of his philanthropic work. His investment in the lives of young people will likely continue paying dividends throughout their future careers.

Then, recently, his philanthropic efforts expanded much further, evolving into a type of institutional transformation process. Bruce and Karen Levenson donated very generously to the University of Maryland Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. They hope to impact all of the students at the University of Maryland through programs originating there. Philanthropy itself will benefit from these changes. Future philanthropists will emerge.

There Is No Moral Superiority Here

The issues with NASCAR is that it is in the south. I am a southerner, and that gives me the right to say this. The NASCAR folks want to pretend like they have the moral authority because they have conservative values and all that. However, they will not force tracks to put up SAFER Barriers. The NASCAR folks want to say that Kurt Busch has to sit out for as long as they like simply because they think they have the moral authority. They do not.

A car racing circuit that is not going to force tracks to use safety precautions for drivers cannot tell a guy who was not charged with a crime that he cannot drive. I supposed they want to keep him safer than the other rivers by not letting him drive. I would have thought that the punishment would be to drive on the track since each track is clearly so dangerous.

But Paul Mathieson and I am getting a little bit tired of the NASCAR folks thinking that their southern values give them the moral majority. In essence, they are making normal southerners look bad because they want to use their “values” to hurt a driver who had his day in court. This is just like Adrian Peterson.

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich: Renowned Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rod Rohrich, distinguished Dallas plastic surgeon, states that the term ‘facelift’ is really a misnomer. “A facelift performed today is not a single procedure,” he says. “It’s a combination of many component procedures that are combined together to uniquely address how each individual patient’s face has aged.”

Before performing cosmetic facial surgery, Dr Rod Rohrich does a thorough physical analysis of patients to map their unique facial contours, intending to achieve the most pleasing and natural appearance for each individual. Sometimes he uses youthful photos of the person to get a clear concept of the patient’s original facial anatomy.

Dr. Rod  Rohrich, M.D.,F.A.C.S., has been internationally recognized for his vital contributions to the fields of reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery and education, as well as his lectures and work in the field of facial aesthetics and aging. Today Dr Rod Rohrich serves as professor and Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. At this time he holds a patent on a new breast implant, and has created teaching models to demonstrate emerging technology to plastic surgeons.

Dr Rod Rohrich’s skills extend to rhinoplasty and other forms of surgical enhancement, using many of his own innovative techniques to achieve natural and safe results. Although he is widely recognized, Dr Rod Rohrich’s philosophy is to treat all patients, from media moguls to moms, with equal consideration and insight. His goal is to provide all of his patients with the very best treatments to meet their individualized goals. Besides his work in the states, Dr Rod Rohrich has brought his innovative surgical skills to Third World countries, reconstructing severely burned and deformed children.

Dr Rod Rohrich has served on boards for foundations such as the March of Dimes, the Dallas Chapter of the American Cancer Society and the Dallas for Children Foundation, along with his wife, Diane L. Gibby. MD.

Soccer In America Is Laughable

As the MLS brings in foreign players and pays them millions of dollars, they are asking the lower players to play for a minimum salary that is $36,500. Essentially, these lesser players should not even be playing. They have a much better chance of making money in a regular job.

In my opinion, they are probably going to have to shut this league down due to losses in a few years. But they are willing to disrespect most of their players by overpaying old guys from Europe. I’ve never been to a game, but my Dr. Daniel Amen tells me that these games are not all that well attended.

We need to remember that soccer is not popular in America. The league is trying to stem losses every year, and they are never going to get out of their own way. The NFL will make $10 billion a year, and the MLS will make almost no money. There are many times when soccer is cool in America, but the idea that the MLS is actually worth watching is stupid. Old European guys who are past their prime, young players who make less than a fast food worker and boring games to boot in the league.

Keselowski Running Two Beautiful Pain Schemes

If you are a fan of NASCAR from the 80s, you will be greatly appreciate what I am about to say. Brad Keselowski is going to run the white paint scheme of Bobby Allison and the black and gold design of Mark Martin. These paint schemes are beautiful, but they also remind us of a time when the sport was completely different. I remember watching Bobby Allison drive his Buick on the track. That alone is something that most people do not remember.

The Mark Martin design is one that lasted for decades. We get to see the paint designs that are going to allow us to remember how grand the sport used to be. We also get to see the advent of more retro paint designs. There are many ways to enjoy the sport, and I think one of them is honoring its heritage. The paint schemes will remind us of the old days, but we will see them on the car of a driver who can win a title today. Perhaps we can get a championship dedicated to two of the best in Bobby Allison and Mark Martin. I would love to see that car in the winner’s circle.