North American Spine Developing New Techniques for Athletes

When it comes to back pain, only those who have tried to live with it really know the disabling effect it can have.

From first waking in the morning after an uncomfortable night’s sleep, through the struggle to undertake day-to-day activities, to evenings spent trying to find some relief from the pain, the total effect is one that is wearing in the extreme.

Approximately 1.2 million open back surgeries are completed every year in the US alone, such is the need for the removal of this debilitating pain. Many of these are successful and people go on to lead happy and productive lives, but it is estimated that some 40% of these procedures fail. Failure may mean that the pain continues, which is hard enough, but in some cases the patient is left with more pain and even greater difficulties.

Even in this area, however, some back procedures that are called “minimally invasive” can damage healthy tissue, and even make existing degenerative disc problems worse. However, one minimally invasive technique that does not seem to have had these issues is the AccuraScope procedure, provided by the Dallas, Texas facility based North American Spine.

The AccuraScope is a truly minimally invasive procedure, where an extremely tiny, flexible tube, called an “endoscope”, is inserted into the spinal canal via an opening in the base of the spine.

This endoscope carries a tiny but effective high-definition camera, which enables the surgeon to see the cause, or causes, of the pain. The surgeon is then able to provide a diagnosis based on seeing the actual site of the problem. Once diagnosed, the endoscope is also equipped with lasers which allow the surgeon to treat the cause of the pain. If there is more than one area that needs attention, the surgeon can move on and complete a number of procedures, without the need for further surgery or more invasive procedures.

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  1. Open Back surgeries are often considered the last resort because of these types of statistics, and more interest has been shown in recent year to what are known as Minimally Invasive techniques. It is only natural that acted in that manner to advert an impending disaster that may have befallen them in one way or the other.

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