The U.S. Money Reserve Just Launched a Brand New Website

The U.S. Money Reserve is a front-running company in the gold market. They sell beautifully crafted gold and silver coins. They recently created a new website to make sure that it properly represented their motives in the precious metals industry, even after serving a noteworthy 400,000 satisfied customers since being founded in 2001. The U.S. Money Reserve is changing things for the better, and have started providing customers with free information kits.

Included on their new website is a chart shown here that represents how the value of gold has gone up tremendously as years have gone by. In fact, the price of gold has gone up by around 90% in ten years. Someone who invested around $600 for an ounce of gold in 2006 has now seen the value of this ounce grow to around $1,150 in 2017.

They include this to show that when you buy gold, you are truly making a long-term investment. Although their new site has only recently launched, it has been growing quickly because of their competitive prices and loyal customer base. Their gold and silver bullion bars seem to be the investment that people are looking for.

Crunchbase revealed that the U.S. Money Reserve utilizes something known as the Client-Connect Advantage. This helps them easily contact clients and set up individual consultations, as well as assisting them through the process of purchasing products. Any time a customer needs help, they have the chance to call and speak to an Account Executive directly. If a customer is not satisfied, they have the option of returning their coin orders for a full refund within thirty days.

This is one of the most competitive return policies in the precious metals industry. Customers are not only satisfied, but completely depend on the U.S. Money Reserve to vary their assets. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The U.S. Money Reserve is rated an AAA by the Business Consumer Alliance (a nonprofit organization that rates companies based on customer reviews and experiences). It is no surprise that this company prides themselves on their superior customer service.

If you or someone you know has been considering making a worthwhile investment (or buying a few beautiful coins), they might want to consider calling the U.S. Money Reserve. The rest of the industry is still attempting to catch up to their unmatched satisfaction ratings.


Talos Energy’s Big Step Forward In The Energy Market

In May of 2017, an offshore oil well was discovered for the first time in almost 80 years. Three oil companies named Premier Oil, Talos Energy LLC, and Sierra Gas and Oil have all taken part in this discovery. The last offshore oil well to be discovered in Mexico was found by Petroleos Mexicana in 1938. Scientists believe that this is a big step forward in the energy markets.

The oil well discovered in named the Zama-1 well. It is located in the Sureste Basin near the state of Tabasco, Mexico. It is believed that the well holds anywhere from 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude oil. The drilling of this well will take up to almost three months and will cost Premier Oil $15 million. All three oil companies that decided to partake in this project gained prospects after Mexico opened its ailing oil industry to private investment. Talos Energy is the operator of the well and will receive 35 percent. Premier Oil will receive 25 percent and Sierra Oil and Gas 40%.

Talos Energy, an operator of the Zama-1 Well project, is an oil and gas company based in Houston, Texas. Talos was developed by a man named Tim Duncan. Prior to Talos Energy, Tim was working with a small equity-backed company. In 2011, a company named Phoenix Exploration had doubled the size of Tim’s company and sold it to Apache Corporations. Due to this Talos Energy was then developed with $600 million in equity.

Talos Energy finds it useful to work in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast. Here they have a mission to acquire, explore and exploit the basin using their seismic database and reprocessing techniques. They believe that controlling their production enables them to apply leading practices to aspects of their operation. Using these leading practices will then allow them to improve production and increase hydrocarbon recovery. Talos Energy believes that as an energy company they must commit to keeping the environment safe and healthy. Their practices and accomplishments have proved them to be one of the most successful energy companies.

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ClassDojo Plans To Monetize Their Services

ClassDojo is taking baby steps to monetization. However, their focus at the moment is to improve its product and to grow its user base. Having very patient investors, such as the General Catalyst, the directors are not rushing into monetization yet. They prefer to have a consensus with all ClassDojo stakeholders first. They pride themselves in having a greater market share in the US; more than that of Coke.

The demand for more content from ClassDojo’s users is what is driving the company into considering monetization. But how is the company going to approach content addition? They have recently introduced Student Stories, a feature from Snapchat. This allows students to post videos and photos about their days at school. This is a significant growth considering the app was originally known as a teacher-student reward system.

Going back to monetization, ClassDojo plans to sell educational content. Selling educational curriculum and software would not be a problem for ClassDojo considering the diverse base of its users. In fact, they teamed up with Stanford University to produce and spread growth mindset educational videos to over 15 million students’ audience. Their competing edge will be due to subsided prices in their content as compared to the current market price for the same. They, however, do not plan to sell advertising.

Future Plans

ClassDojo plans to release educational videos on a regular basis. They have currently teamed up with Harvard University to produce empathy videos.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a platform where teachers meet with students and their parents online. It is also available as an app efficiently downloaded via the app store. ClassDojo was co-founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don on June 1, 2011. The two were listed in Inc.’s 2015 “30 Under 30.” Its headquarters is in San Francisco, California.

The classroom communication app helps students to build social-emotional skills. At the same time, teachers, students, and parents share what’s happening, in a manageable way, during the school day. Mostly, they use messages, photos, and videos. The platform has spread worldwide and across the U.S with a considerable significance in K-8 classrooms.

Among education technology companies, ClassDojo is the fastest growing. With a broad reach to millions of teachers, students, and parents, ClassDojo is a favorite to many. Their team of experts comprises of professionals in the engineering field, design, information technology as well as other fields. They have a deep background in public and charter schools, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Dropbox, Airbnb, and more. Currently, these services are offered free, but plans are underway to monetize ClassDojo.

Eva Moskowitz Transforms Educational System In Harlem

Eva Moskowitz is the revolutionary behind the recent successes found in charter schools all across New York. Initially, she ran for New York City Coucil with hopes of changing the ineffective systems in place in regards to public school. When this didn’t work, Eva Moskowitz took matters into her own hands. In order to fund Harlems first charter school, she used money from philanthropic means through her corporation Success Academy. The school’s main goal was to help minorities struggling with poverty. Quite rapidly, Harlems educational success and education symstem began to transform.


Employing unique core subject classes, Eva Moskowitz encourages alternative forms of thinking. In her schools, chess and debate are considered to be their own academic subjects. Through these two practices, students learn strategic thinking and the skills necessary for public speaking. The charter schools also have regular sports teams like many other schools but one other unique aspect is the creation of a math team. Students are provided opportunities to continue learning outside of the traditional classroom setting and encouraged to take part in extra curricular activities.


With the success in Eve Moskowitz first Charter school, she has since opened up 32 schools which cater to the needs of over 9,000 children in the New York area. Children in these schools test better on state exams than other schools in the area. One reason why Eva Moskowitz believes this happens is because her curriculum starts in kindergarten. Each student is expected to read a poem a day, so they become familiar with critical thinking and dissecting information. The second reason is because they encourage students to take their time and really think before making a decision. An example is if you have a minute to move a chess piece or solve a problem, they want you to take the entire minute to really think about the choice your about to make. Thanks to Eva Moskowitz and her dedication to improving the educational system, these revolutionary ideas in thinking are transforming the system one school at a time.

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Flavio Maluf and his Company Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is a prominent pioneer in the common eucalyptus items industry in Brazil. He heads the central organization in this industry, Eucatex. Eucatex was established by the Flavio Maluf family back in the year 1951. It was the primary acoustic group that focused on monitoring the earth. The organization is always planting eucalyptus trees, rationing the land for whom and what is to come. Hence, they have gotten various honors for their real devotion to securing nature.


At the point when Eucatex began, in the year 1951, this was a little organization. The proprietors had no clue that one day this would come to be a universal organization. The team used to be a small scale organization that moved in the generation of fiber sheets utilizing natural eucalyptus. Inside the initial three years, the organization was at that point making huge strides and in the year 1954, they opened their first manufacturing plant, situated in Sao Paulo. After that, the team appeared to be relentless.


The company expanded to delivering delicate sheets acoustic roof and wood fiber plates. It was soon trailed by the generation of acoustic boards and protection. Today the organization keeps on being an industry pioneer. They have even extended their item portfolio to have two sections furniture and development. Today, they lead in the generation of flexible and maintainable development materials. Concerning the furniture fragment, they were the first to produce overlay entryways. They even make paints.


About Flavio Maluf


For as far back as two decades, Eucatex has developed by a huge volume, all on account of the necessary authority of Flavio Maluf. More processing plants have opened up, incorporating one in Salto and another in Botatu City. He has likewise ensured that all Eucatex workplaces utilize sun oriented energy to monitor vitality.

The much authority of Flavio Maluf can be credited to his enlivened resume. He holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from PUC. He additionally holds a business administration postgraduate degree, from the New York University. Hence, Flavio was very much prepared for both the mechanical and exchange ranges of the organization.


Talk Fusion Won for Video Chat

Talk Fusion is a fabulous video marketing solution for those people that want to be special in their niche. Most companies are all the same vanilla thing. Talk Fusion can help you be set apart though. Recently, this was noticed by the Communications Solutions Products of the Year, when they received that prize. Here is a little bit about the reason why they were selected.


The award was created to place the focus on the business that offered the best video communications in the market. There is no doubt that this has been easily achieved now. As the very first integrated all in video marketing company, they offer all of that plus data and voice in an ever expanding package that is perfect for those who wish to try it before they make a purchase.


As if that isn’t enough, they also are looking to expand into other areas soon. How many other companies are set up this way? iTunes and Google Play carry the app, and users can communicate from literally any device that has internet access. It can be mobile data or wireless. Either one works just fine.


Communication is important in business today. Everyone values it. The ability to communicate by any means anywhere is even better. It makes the world seems smaller, and in business, you really can’t go wrong there. That’s what Talk Fusion is really all about.


The 3o day trial is an amazing way to check it out for yourself. You can see if it suits your needs and allows you to have what you want. You can even have that access from anywhere. Isn’t easy what it’s all about today? It’s little wonder how Talk Fusion won the award. CEO of TMC Rich Tehrani even had a press release specifically to honor Talk fusion when they won the award.


Who will win the 2017 award? Nobody knows that one, but one thing is certain: when it comes to the best communications for business, or anyone really, Talk fusion is the best choice so far. Even TMC would definitively agree on that one.


Continues To Innovate And Impress

NexBank is a community bank in Dallas, Texas, and they have been hard at work providing the needed financial services to those in the surrounding area, but they have also been working diligently over the past few years to expand into other service areas and sectors. President and CEO John Holt helped leverage the acquisition of College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey which allows them 529 plan college-savings programs as a division of the strong NexBank name so that more students are able to achieve their education dreams.


As program manager for both the prestigious Indiana CollegeChoice CD 529 Savings Plan and the renowned Arizona Family College Savings Program-Bank Plan there is a lot of good passing through the offices of NexBank nowadays. Parents can enroll their loved ones early and have all of the resources needed to send them to a great school by the time that they come of age to need that assistance. Founder James Dondero certainly has an instinct for making wise decisions in the industry, and he admits that he is confident that they will continue to carry on the great services under his watch.


The name that is known for their business acumen around the state of Texas is also not afraid to put their money into places where it can benefit those in need. NexBank donated funds to the families of the officers slain or wounded in the line of duty after the deadly sniper shootings shook the city to its core, and the management continues to look for similar areas where they can give back to those around them since much of their success is owed to that attitude of cohesiveness. Mr. Holt is well respected in the Texas Bankers community where he just recently attended the association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and participated in the discussion on Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.


Goettl Looks To Help All Air Conditioning Users Stay Comfortable Throughout The Year

Although they may be based largely in the states of Arizona and Nevada, the Goettl brand of air conditioning experts has recently been publishing advice and information to help all HVAC users get the most from their individual system. The “Goettl Tells All” article from explains a number of tips that can be used to ensure any HVAC system is always working at its maximum optimum efficiency level regardless of whether residents choose the Goettl brand or not for maintenance and repairs.


Goettl has been a major part of the air conditioning landscape for many years and believe many of the problems their clients have with uncomfortable home conditions can be handled with a greater focus placed on keeping cooled air inside the building envelope; experts from Goettl believe a higher level of home maintenance with new insulation and weather strips installed on a regular basis.


It can be difficult to make sure all individuals have the best possible options in keeping their homes comfortable, including cutting energy usage by keeping a property comfortable without driving up huge energy bills. Most HVAC systems work best when they are operating at 78 degrees with utility bills rising at high levels for every degree below 78 they are dropped; maintaining a home at a comfortable 78 or close to this temperature can help achieve lower utility bills and reduce wear and tear on an overworked HVAC system.


Established in the 1930s, Goettl has always been one of the world’s leading air conditioning innovators who once held around 100 patents for the inventions and developments created by brothers Adam and Gust Goettl. In 2013, Ken Goodrich purchased the Goettl brand and his seen annual growth reach around 50 percent with a move back into Nevada and into new service areas in Southern California.


Dr. Clay Siegall – CEO, Seattle Genetics

Dr. Clay Siegall is the CEO and Founder of the Seattle-based Seattle Genetics Medical Practice. For the company, they are always eager to become part of the solution to the problems facing the medical industry. For over two decades, the company issues fast working solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. If you want to secure fast working capital, you might consider using these institutions in a manner that is not presented in the industry. Seattle Genetics is Biotechnology Company that specializes in the development of cancer therapies and treatments. Since the company was instituted in the United States, it has developed more than 40 therapies to companies and other institutes.


Seattle Genetics has targeted the development of therapeutical drugs aimed towards finding the cancer treatment. For over one decade, the drugs developed by the company have been proved to be proficient to those who are in need of fast working capital. For you to achieve better business solutions, you must develop working solutions to your clients in a manner that is not paralleled the industry. Seattle Genetics is a company that issues fast working capital to those who are in need of the money. The development of cancer drugs commenced when Clay Siegall developed the company.


Dr. Clay Siegall is a graduate of the Maryland University with a bachelor’s degree in Zoology. He also attended the Washington State University to graduate with a Ph.D. in Genetics and Botany. For this reason, he is one of the most qualified people to treat cancer patients in the world. All his medical therapies and drugs have been widely adopted as a more prominent solution to cancer and other therapies associated with this medical condition. Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998 as one of the preliminary companies working to find the cure for the cancer epidemic. Since then, they have developed more than 50 therapies associated with institutional accreditation.


In Canada, the Seattle Genetics drugs have been accredited to offer lasting solutions to cancer therapies. For those whose cancer is detected at an early stage, they will be at a better advantage.

Why You Should Switch To “No Poo” Shampoos

So what is a “no poo” shampoo? It is basically just that-it doesn’t contain anything that you wouldn’t want like sulfates and harsh chemicals, so you won’t get an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients. Shampoos that don’t contain sulfates and other chemicals won’t strip your hair of its natural oils and will leave your hair feeling healthy and shiny. If your hair is nice and healthy, then it will not only grow faster and breakage will be at a minimum. Not having to buy all the extra products to help tame your hair that has been damaged due to chemical-filled shampoos will save you money as well.

“No Poo” shampoos work just as well as sulfate-filled shampoos but the only real noticeable difference (besides the healthier hair) is that you won’t get that lather that you are used to because it is free of chemicals.

Chaz Dean created many great hair care products that are chemical-free and will leave your hair healthy and stronger with use. WEN Cleansing Conditioner will actually replace not only your shampoo, but your conditioner as well. It is even a deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. It is made with natural ingredients like glycerin, chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract, and panthenol. In a three week study of using WEN Sweet Almond Mint Conditioner, 100 percent said that their hair felt more moisturized and 97 percent found that their hair was more shiny. 95 percent found that their hair was more shiny.

You can buy WEN products on